Taiwan falls to 42nd in global epidemic prevention ranking, loses to South Africa and Peru

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Taiwan falls to 42nd in global epidemic prevention ranking (illustration/shutterstock image)

Although the epidemic in Taiwan is still on alert level 2, epidemic control has been loosened again, including the appropriate opening of KTV, sports events and wedding banquets. Even though the domestic epidemic continues to be stable, according to Bloomberg’s latest “The Covid Resilience Ranking“, Taiwan has fallen from 5th to 15th after the outbreak of the local epidemic in May, and then to 41st in August, and in the latest ranking in September, the ranking has fallen one place from last month to 42nd, behind countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico, and the reason is that points were deducted from the “3 indicators”.

Bloomberg measured the resilience of countries in COVID prevention based on four indicators: “vaccine coverage“, “severity of blockade”, “flight capacity” and “freedom of vaccinated passengers”. Taiwan was at the bottom of the 53 major economies due to its lagging vaccination population, and fell back one place to 42nd in September.  

Taiwan’s epidemic situation is reducing down, and some venues are loosening their epidemic control again. (Graphic/TVBS file photo)

Among the 53 economies evaluated, Taiwan ranked 42nd in the September, one place down than August. In the same rating, Taiwan slipped from 5th to 15th in May due to the epidemic outbreak, and then fell back to 44th in June; rebounded slightly to 40th in July; fell back one place to 41st in August, and then fell one more place in September. Although the epidemic has recently reduced down significantly, even to +0 confirmed case in a row, the lack of vaccine coverage has become critical, and the isolation restrictions for fully vaccinated inbound travelers are still strict.

According to September’s “COVID Resilience Rankings,” the top five countries in the world are Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. These five countries all have high vaccination rates, averaging over 68%, and benefit from the European Union’s decision to allow fully vaccinated people to enter the country freely, as well as Denmark being the first country in north Europe to completely lift its epidemic prevention restrictions.

Taiwan is striving for vaccination coverage. (Photo/TVBS file)

The President of Executive Yuan Su Zhen-chang convened an expanded epidemic prevention meeting on the 27th. The Epidemic Command Center reported in the meeting that the current vaccination coverage rate in Taiwan is 52.12% and the dose population ratio is 61.22 (dose per 100 people). With the smooth arrival of vaccines, it is expected that the vaccination coverage rate will exceed 70% for the first dose and 30% for the second dose by the end of October.

Comment of translator: I am now in Taiwan, and Taiwan actually has been doing very good in controlling the spread COVID-19 epidemic since the outbreak in May, Now it has been only 0 or 1 daily for weeks domestic confirmed case, but Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience ranking is pointing a very deadly direction for Taiwan government because it drives the government to sprint to increase the vaccine coverage, and the long term outcome will be large scale of blood clotting or death of the vaccinated people. Truths of vaccine must be more widely spread to save more lives of Taiwan. Actually the mainstream media should not focus on the coverage of vaccines, and what they should do is to call up the governments in the world to stop the vaccines right now.

News Source: news.tvbs.com.tw

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