Hundred Crimes of CCP in Hundred Years(76 – 101 Crimes)

The Constitution provides for state ownership of land;Urban Management System;Severe Crackdown on Lawlessness;Martial Law at Lhasa;June 4th Massacre;Illegal Double Regulations;Forced Foreign Income Settlements;Land Finance ;Land Finance;The Great Internet Firewall;The Persecution of the Falun Gong;Selling Territory;Fooling the World Trade Organization;Precursor to the Coronavirus  ;Environment Pollution and Poisonous Food;Genocide;Global Expansion;The Arrests of Lawyers and the Disruption of the Law;Systematic Development of Bioweapons;Creation of Poverty;Abuse of the Police Forces;The Destruction of Hong Kong;Destroying Religions;Restoring Life-time Term Limit;The Creation of the CCP-virus; Release the Virus through Vaccination;The Great Flood of Zhengzhou

【Hundred Crimes of CCP in Hundred Years 】(76  –  101 Crimes)

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