Masks can curb CCP-virus as 86% infections are “undocumented”


A success story from the Czech Republic with DIY masks

Data scientist Jeremy Howard claimed that the growth of coronavirus cases has “flattened” in the Czech Republic after its government made masks compulsory.

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You could be spreading the coronavirus without realizing you’ve got it

A study concluded that 86 percent of cases were “undocumented”, and they are the ones facilitating the spread.

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How do we beat the virus? Everybody should wear a mask! (starting at 4 min in the video below)

Why do masks work?

  • stops the spread of the virus from infected people, both symptomatic and asymptomatic.
  • helps remind you to stop touching your face
  • If infected, there is a much better chance of starting small with a low inoculum (and hopefully with less severe outcomes)
A screenshot from the video shows wearing masks can flatten the curve.


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