The UK is Worried That the Number of Chinese Students Studying Abroad May Affect National Security, Due to the Negative Influence of CCP

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The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, Tugendhat, wrote in “The Times” on the 27th that the number of Chinese students in various universities in the UK this year reached a new high, and for some universities, a quarter of their tuition income came from Chinese students. In the UK’s higher education and research institutions, the proportion of Chinese students studying abroad may be against the national interests of the UK and even affect national security.

英國外委會主席示警大學院校過度依賴中國資金| 國際即時| 國際| 世界新聞網
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It is reported that there are currently about 216,000 Chinese students studying in various universities and colleges in the UK, with majors covering strategic research fields such as aerospace engineering, life sciences, nanotechnology, and information communications. At the same time, many universities in the UK have also cooperated with Chinese universities or enterprises have signed a number of cooperation agreements, including receiving so-called research project subsidies of millions of pounds per year from Chinese-funded enterprises.

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