Israel: Teachers Without Green Pass Will Be Suspended and Banned From Entering Schools

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Xiaojiucaia

The Israel Ministry of Health has issued orders to school principals to prohibit teachers without green passes from entering schools and simultaneously banning them to teach remotely starting October 3. These teachers will receive no salary during this suspension.

The “Green Pass” is one of Israel’s COVID-19 restrictions during the period. It is used to prove that the holder’s recent COVID test result is negative, has recovered from COVID-19, or has been vaccinated. The “Green Pass” is just under the guise of “protection” which restricts human rights and freedom and forces people to be vaccinated against COVID in a disguised form.

Ran Erez, the Chairman of the Association of Secondary School Teachers, opposes the Ministry of Health’s mandate stating that he believes that the government has deprived people’s right to choose and that teachers who resist medical tyranny should not be punished.

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