Vaccine Mandate Effective on Sept 27 May Cause Severe Personnel Shortages and Secondary Disasters of Side Effects

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Xiaojiucaia

The Covid vaccine mandate for medical staff will be effective in New York State starting the week of September 27. The executive order demands all employees in the health care system, including staff in food service and cleaning service, must receive the first dose of the Covid vaccine prior to September 27. This is one of the most radical measures to promote vaccines in the United States currently.

Under the current policy, it is expected that thousands of medical staff will be forced to quit their jobs which may cause a serious shortage of staff in hospitals. Governor Kathy Hochul is determined to execute emergency plans to maintain hospital operations, which includes reducing non-essential operations, stopping obstetric care, limiting the number of admissions, stopping accepting transferred ER patients, and reducing outpatient time.

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