GT Online: Mandatory Vaccination is Basically Over in Europe

Written by: Ermat

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In a Sept. 26 broadcast, Mr. Kuo said that Australia, Canada and Germany, the toughest countries in mandatory vaccination, have softened up, and that mandatory vaccination is basically over in Europe.

This woman Tsai Ing-wen is very stupid and will ruin Taiwan. The United States has finally realized that vaccination may not only kill the United States, but may also destroy the world. Those who did not vaccinate are God in the future and  are definitely a winner. The future crematorium is the most profitable. The scariest thing is that banks and money are worthless. There is nothing more profitable than virtual currency and crematorium. Mr. Guo said in a September 26 broadcast that after October 1, vaccines will become optional in civilized countries and dexamethasone and hydroxychloroquine will all be open for use.

Yesterday I watched a man get vaccinated and collapse as he walked past a tree. I think his vaccine reaction had started. One guy’s sister secretly got a vaccine shot. Yesterday he told me that his sister was humming a tune when she opened the car door and now the person is dead. His brother-in-law is mute. The hospital also forced him to cremate his sister right away, and wouldn’t let video or photos be taken or medical records be available.



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