Truth is a weapon to defeat evil

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

Canadians Increasingly Divided Over Vaccination Status, Poll Finds, This is the article published on The Epoch Time, September 27,2021, After reading the article, I was heartbroken: “A small majority (52%) of Canadians believe that the democratic process has been destroyed and major reforms are needed, while a minority (48%) believe that the Canadian democratic process is intact.” This proportion proves  that there are still nearly half of Canadians who have not seen the truth. The attitude towards vaccines is actually the level of awareness of the truth.

Due to the cover-up by the mainstream media, people cannot see the virus created and released by the CCP. It is the CCP and the evil forces who launched this bioweapon war against human being. The purpose of this war of  biological and chemical weapons is to create extreme social fear and force people to obediently accept the more lethal  virus – the vaccine!

During the pandemic of the virus, the government prohibits doctors and medical professionals from  medical treatment with the cheap drugs such as hydroxychloroquine sulfate and ivermectin, which have been used for more than 60 years with WHO’s approval, can prevent and control the virus by 85%, but not only doctors will have their licenses revoked for curing patients with these effective drugs, and the use of these drugs will be suppressed. Because vaccines are used for emergency status, if there were cures and drugs, there is no need to implement vaccines that are still in the experimental phase, so that people all over the world virtually are all laboratory rats. This is the truth.

In the process to enforce the vaccination, the governments of the democratic countries used emergency conditions as an excuse to turn the countries into a complete totalitarian autocracy. One administration order or  one decision would deprive people off the rights of freedom granted by the Constitution. The governments have turned people’s God given human rights into ransome to coerce people into accepting the “vaccine.”

There is a group of people who have been revealing these truths since 2017. They are brothers and sisters of the Whistleblowers Movement. They were blocked by mainstream media and social media. In order to spread the truth about the various conspiracies of the Chinese Communist Party and the evil forces wider and faster, they created the freedom platform:  Gettr, where  the people all over the world who love freedom and truth can speak out, because truth is the most powerful weapon to save us human beings from extinction by means of the vaccine.

Those governments, media, big technologies, and big pharmaceutical companies that force people to be experimental victims will surely receive the final justice!

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