GTV News Talk Briefs: People Across the U.S. Protest Mandatory Vaccinations

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1.1 New York State court system union workers protest new mandatory vaccination rule on September 25.

Hundreds of the New York State court system union workers protested outside at Judge Janet Defour’s apartment building against a new mandatory vaccination rule.

The rule requires state employees to get at least one shot by Monday, Sept. 27th, or face employment termination.

A court staffer called the rule is unethical and unfair and said there could be dire consequences. The court system would be short-staffed which would be affecting the normal work of everyone, including the judges.

1.2 Anti-vaccine mandate protesters in New York City stormed a mall dining area on Sept. 25 and chanted “My Body, My Choice!”

On Saturday, New York City protesters gathered at a Staten Island food court to protest the city’s requirement that residents show proof of vaccination to eat at restaurants.

1.3 On Friday morning (September 24), a group of parents gathered at a high school in Glendale, California, to protest the mandatory vaccination requirement.

The placards read “Too early to vaccinate your child” and “My child, my choice.”

The school district reportedly does not have a vaccination program for students. However, the district’s Board of Education passed a resolution requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated by November 1st.

1.4 Ascension Hospital’s employees protest mandatory vaccinations.

On September 26, nurses, hospital staff, patients, and supporters protested outside Ascension St. Joseph’s Hospital against the hospital’s mandate to vaccinate all staff with the Covid vaccines.

The protest sign read “Honk if you love freedom” and was supported by many passing cars honking their horns.

1.5 On September 20, a Vernon Parish, La. a police jury voted unanimously to adopt a proclamation protesting all mandatory vaccination requirements.

The proclamation stated that the Vernon Parish Police Jury opposes all vaccine-related legal restrictions on individual freedom and choice.

The organization’s president said the jury is not opposed to vaccines. They are opposed to mandatory vaccination requirements.

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