GT Online: Electricity Shortage Makes Chinese People Panic and Candles Sold Out

Written by Potato

According to a report from Weixin on September 29, 2021, communist China has seen power restrictions in many places, and candles were sold out in some areas, in addition, there was a wave of stops in the coal and power sectors in the A-share market on September 28.

The CCP officials say it was only a normal planned power outage, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen State Grid Electricity have said that the overall power supply situation is stable and orderly, and can ensure people’s production and living needs for electricity.

The news says that the power supply companies in any country or city need to plan power outages because they are a routine operation to protect the production and living needs of everyone.

In addition, including the leading listed companies in the power industry, including 11 companies jointly issued a joint “petition”. The Petition states that due to the rising price of coal, some enterprises have experienced a break in their capital chains”, as a result, CCP has been allowing electricity prices to fluctuate upward by 10% one after another.   

The National Development and Reform Commission has also announced a policy on time-sharing tariffs, which are applied to how much electricity is used, and a new price is implemented when the electricity reaches a certain threshold.


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