Summer and Fall Flu Season Virus Infected School Staff Are Fully Vaccinated with the Covid Vaccines

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After this weekend, many students from all grades in the UK elementary school have shown coughing symptoms. In accordance with the Covid-19 management protocol, these children have been asked to be tested for New Coronavirus. The medical system will push the test results directly to the relevant public service platforms, including the school authorities.

Those who test positive for PCR will be alerted by the NHS “track and trace” system and will need to be tested for the virus immediately. Students, parents, and personnel who are waiting for test results and subsequent confirmation of positive results are subject to strict home quarantine orders. This has led to a shortage of teachers in many schools.

Faced with a daily rise in the number of infected students, schools sent several emails to parents on Monday and Tuesday. Schools are only accepting children who are completely healthy and free of all illnesses to school. Although this is a flu season for colds, students are required to provide a negative test result for the new coronavirus before returning to school because it is impossible to tell if they have a common cough or symptoms of the new coronavirus infection.

This comes just after an incident over the weekend in which some school email systems were breached. An electronic “Informed Consent” document with the truth about the virus and vaccine was automatically sent to the student’s parents. As a result, the school received a lot of letters questioning the vaccination program. A statement made by a Hampshire elementary school principal in a supplemental clarification email is believed to be related to the Informed Consent Form. The principal confirmed that “all of the staff who tested positive had previously fully vaccinated of Covid vaccine. However, this did not prevent them from being infected with the virus.”  

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