Disasters Brought to Human Beings by Vaccines

The vaccine is going to bring more human disasters, medical disasters, political disasters, even racial disasters.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2021.9.17 Disasters Brought to Human Beings by Vaccines


I always told you guys to cherish what you have for now, then you can pursue tomorrow. I really hope you can understand what I can feel. After David came back from the virus, his life has completely changed. You guys really don’t know about what happened between human beings and the world. You guys have no ideas about what is to happen. Although you guys seem pretty smart, but none of you guys know what is to happen. It’s not like when you sit in front of the camera, or because you are good looking, or what kind of clothes you have, that defines who you are. You own nothing. I can assure  nobody understands what situation all human beings will  face. When we are sitting here and talking about the vaccines and the virus, I really feel a lot.

For every second, I am the hub for all intelligence. The vaccine is going to bring more human disasters, medical disasters, political disasters, even racial disasters. This is going beyond our imagination, look at the history of China. I think there are a few chapters that are hard to forget. First part is during the “Wu Hu Luan Hua”.  For about 300-400 years, a slaughter of Han ethnicity, they ate about 70% of people,   ATE 70%. Take a look at CCP’s slaughter in Xin Jiang, and Tibet. Look at their slaughter of Han, and Taiwanese, as well as the slaughter of all human beings by the evil organizations. Compared to that “Wu Hu Luan Hua”  was nothing. Not only that, my brothers and sisters. What we are facing now is something beyond understanding, Nurses and doctors are supposed to save lives. Now, they either become killers or get eliminated. Have you ever thought about this? Firefighters are supposed to control the fire, and police are to safeguard the rule of the society.

Now, police are not running security, firefighters are not saving people from fire, they are the fire themselves CDC of different countries are supposed to save lives, and let you live long lives. Now, it is shortening your life and would like you to die right now, make you unsafe. All the governments are supposed to maintain social stability, protect the interests of the majority of people, uphold the justice and carry out the will of the people, now they are enemy to us and working to the will of minority.


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