U.S. Business People Come to China to Deliver a Message

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According to a Sina report on September 28, Hong Kong media “South China Morning Post” revealed that the former president of Goldman Sachs and the current executive chairman of Barrick Gold, John Thornton, met with CCP high rank officials in Beijing in late August. During the six-week visit to China, the two sides discussed Key issues such as climate change, Xinjiang and the conditions for resuming bilateral negotiations. He then went to Xinjiang for a week. A person familiar with the matter stated that “Thornton’s visit to China is similar in nature to Kissinger’s secret visit to China in 1971.”

Thornton is also the co-chair of the China-US Financial Roundtable (CUFR). The China-US Financial Roundtable was established in 2018, with Barrick Gold Chairman Thornton and the former Governor of the People’s Bank of China Xiaochuan Zhou as co-chairs. The roundtable is scheduled to be held every year. The aim is to establish communication channels for the financial sector of the two countries, against the backdrop of increasing tense of Sino-US relations. The latest China-US Financial Roundtable was held online on September 18.

China told Thornton that “China does not seek to challenge or replace the United States, and the two countries should restart cooperation, but this must be based on the premise of mutual respect, that is, the United States should treat China as an equal partner.” At the same time, the CCP official criticized the Biden administration for adhering to Trump’s style to compete with China in various fields, while on the other hand, it hopes to cooperate with China in limited areas such as climate change. He also told Thornton that “continuing the hardline practices of former President Trump will not work.”

When Kissinger visited China, China was not so powerful and to challenge the position of the United States at all, and the current situation is completely different. The CCP is the main challenger to the United States. No matter which party is in power, the United States will adopt a hostile policy towards China, and no matter which party is in power, no one can change its policy of suppressing China. Therefore, Thornton’s visit cannot simply be likened to Kissinger’s trip.  

As a spokesman, Thornton is just a pawn in a collusion. Therefore, Thornton’s visit cannot be simply compared to a Kissinger trip.

Source: 港媒:翻版“基辛格”秘密访华 在中美间传话_新浪新闻 (sina.com.cn)

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