Swamps Sells Assets, The World Financial Crisis Is Approaching

Translated by MOS Gourmet Team – AlexZ

During the live broadcast last night, Miles Guo exposed that the swampy families such as Rothschild, Morgan, and Rockefeller are not only selling all the shares and large-value bills related to the CCP and Hong Kong, but also dumping many core assets of the United States. This move indicated the imminent global financial crisis.

In recent years, the plan handed over to Wang Qishan by the evil organization has almost been completed, taking the Middle East and Africa, suppressing South Korea and Japan, and completely controlling Hong Kong. Military companies, such as Ping An, Huawei, and Alibaba, have successfully penetrated the core areas of the US financial industry, communications industry, and big data. The CCP deeply BGY the political and military circles of the United States and controls the US mainstream media.

The CCP’s economy is precarious. Once the CCP closes Lufax and allows Evergrande and other companies to default and owe debts, it will be a fatal blow to the United States and the world economy.

When China concept stocks are kicked out, the CCP and the evil Axis countries implement a de-dollarized currency system. When oil and other commodities realize RMB payments, the global dominance of the U.S. dollar will face unprecedented challenges.

Economic and financial stability is the foundation of political stability. The U.S. and CCP economies have long been deeply integrated. Therefore, if there is a problem with the US economy, the CCP’s economy will inevitably collapse. Before the US midterm elections and 20th National Congress of CCP, China and the United States will definitely strive to ensure the financial stability of the two countries. This also laid the foundation for the continuous blending of both parties.

Mr. Guo has reminded that the CCP cannot perish unless the economy collapses; the CCP cannot perish without suspicion between Russia and the CCP. The swamps dumped a large number of American assets, which opened the prelude to the collapse of the US economy. The continuous blending of the CCP and the United States will inevitably annoy Russia and the evil forces. As Mr. Guo said, the more successful the CCP’s blending is, the faster the Whistleblower Movement will be won.

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沼泽地抛售资产 世界金融危机将至 – GNEWS

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