Communist China’s President Xi Warns The Opposition Party That The Situation In Taiwan Is “Grim”

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In a report published by Channel News Asia on September 26th, 2021, it stated that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is “complex and serious” as China claims Taiwan as its own territory and has also increased military and political pressure to force the island to accept China’s sovereignty.

Xi Jinping wrote a congratulatory letter to the newly elected leader of Taiwan’s main opposition party on Sunday (Sept 26th), as Taiwan’s Kuomintang (KMT) elected former New Taipei City mayor Eric Chu as their leader on Saturday. Chu said that he would restart stalled high-level contacts with China’s ruling Communist Party. In order to respond to Xi Jinping’s statement that Taiwan and mainland China are one family, he blamed President Tsai for strained relations with mainland China.

It’s obvious to see that there are always many people in Taiwan who don’t have the guts to say No to the CCP, but are willing to kowtow to the evil regime.

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