[September 27th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is September 27th. Look how beautiful the view is. I am standing on the other side of the house, not the same side as yesterday. That is great.  Now I am on the other side, from a different angle.

Brothers and sisters, it was almost dawn here yesterday when some good friends of mine from far in South America urgently called me. They learned about the situation of strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis and pericarditis cases in hospitals following the mass mandatory vaccination programmes. The situation is really terrible and scary. They worry about what the transportation, airline and shipping industries would be like in the future. It is indeed very concerning. They have raised a very, very good question.

In my opinion, this issue deserves everybody’s attention. So, I am here to say to all of you — each of us, brothers and sisters, should pay great attention to this issue. These research institutions, medical institutions, transportation institutions, and governments have felt that this problem may cause a considerable threat in the future.

I talked to one of my best friends, an old man who lives in Connecticut, on the phone yesterday afternoon. “Miles, I really do not feel safe anymore when I go out now. My bodyguard and my drivers all got vaccinated. I don’t feel safe at all, ” he said.

I told him his sense of lack of security was just his feeling at this moment, and soon the real insecurity would emerge. I told him the only way to reduce the risk was to immediately take the antidote and change his lifestyle, or it could become a real threat. Also, I proposed that he should avoid unnecessary travel, travelling by air and public transportation, specifically don’t go out just for shopping around.

I have learned the information from several official channels, as well as from our fellow fighters across various industries in the past few days. I remind everybody to pay great attention to this issue here.

Now I want to talk to you about the medicine again. I heard that some of our fellow fighters purchased extracted artemisinin and synthesized their own “synthetics” as medicine, providing it to other fellow fighters who needed it. I forgot to mention it in the broadcast yesterday — this is absolutely not allowed.

I consulted with our scientist about this. He told me that the most effective form of artemisinin is the synthetic artemisinin produced with pharmaceutical technology. Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) used extracted artemisinin components as medicine; strictly speaking, it is useless.

I strongly oppose any one of our fellow fighters who have no proper pharmaceutical background acting on their own imagination without any basis and evidence. Although you want to help others, you may cause severe consequences to others. No matter what “medicine” you synthesize for other fellow fighters, it may cost their lives. I strongly discourage anyone from doing this.

Use only the standard artemisinin medicine — Tu Youyou’s artemisinin for curing diseases. The commercial artemisinin derivatives, such as calcium tablets with artemisinin, can only be used for preventive purposes. They cannot cure diseases. Please remember that.

If you cannot even buy the right medicine, there must be something wrong with your brain. You do not deserve sympathy or any concern if anything bad happens to you in the future, because you cannot even purchase the right medicine.

Getting ivermectin or dexamethasone is not that difficult in China right now. In Heilongjiang province, one of our fellow fighters managed to purchase many of them. We all know you need an ID card to buy medicine in China, but this fellow fighter did it so brilliantly. To protect him, I cannot share too many details. He saved many fellow fighters with these medicines.

Whether we are in the cause of eliminating the CCP, surviving, or making a living, we need to have a wise mind. This is an essential requirement. Our fellow fighters should make every endeavor to get these medicines — ivermectin, dexamethasone, the more commonly used hydroxychloroquine, and zinc, which is necessary but very easy to get and available everywhere.

Many places around the world are gradually lifting the restrictions on ivermectin and dexamethasone. Nobody forbids the use of artemisinin because it is not even prescription medicine, though it works the best. This is a very critical issue I want to share with you. 

Wow, the geese. Look at this flock of geese, look! Look at these geese. How can they be so beautiful? A big flock of geese. And there are deer, elk, foxes, and wildlife everywhere. 

The following information I want to share with you, in addition to the drug issue, brothers and sisters, is that I believe the world will soon begin to stop mandatory vaccinations. But as I said at the beginning of this video, even if you are not required to get the shot, you must still take precautions — avoid taking public transportation or wandering around. 

We also need to keep a lookout for the subsequent consequences caused by the vaccine side effects, e.g., strokes, heart attacks.  And the coronavirus is not gone yet. The CCP may release more new viruses. These are all risks we must take into account.

Everyone should thoroughly prepare for a difficult life in the next one to two years in this situation. Do not employ underhand tactics or be ignorant in such an environment. Synthesizing your own medicine is total nonsense, isn’t it? It is entirely wrong.

Many fellow fighters send me messages saying, “Brother-7, I am going to do this, I am going to do that ……” A lot of the plans and ideas sound great. But my fellow fighters, although you have ideas, do you have the required ability to execute them? Can you afford failure if you do not have the necessary power to realize your dreams? My advice is not to take too much risk in the next one or two years. Stay where you are and steady yourself. 

Brothers and sisters, you may have noticed Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France, and the world are shaping a new revolution. To shape a new global revolution is not as simple as we expected. It is never as easy as a snap. It is too big a deal. Every change will affect the future of humanity. 

So everybody must have patience and common sense, including in the course of eliminating the CCP. Within the CCP, Shenzhen and Heilongjiang are in a different situation; Shanghai, Beijing, and Jiangsu are utterly different from Guangxi, and they seem not to be in one nation. 

You must look at the CCP’s economic vulnerability in an objective, integrated way. Financial institutions like Evergrande Group, Ping An Group, Lufax, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Industrial Bank will 100% go bankrupt in the end. They have no other choice. At the beginning of the conference held here, everybody thought it was still too early to talk about such a collapse. However, now they all feel that the collapse is just around the corner, and it is inevitable. 

Can the world’s economy still sustain in this way? Impossible — I can tell you the answer with certainty. In this case, if you are not prepared in advance, you will be the one buried under the debris of the collapsed economy — there is no doubt about it.

How bad is the world economy now? The contradiction between productivity and supply, the special needs arising from the supply and demand of all human life, such as medicines; the changes in people’s lifestyles; the prices, and the unique demand for many products, have entirely changed the supply and demand structure of our society.

Even worse, People’s need for finance has now reached a paradoxical degree. What does that mean? In the past, you spent $100 when you earned $100, or you might have $150 to spend with credit, this is in America. Now you make $100 but with a $1,000 spending. Why? For your mortgage, car payment, lifestyle, and the total amount of money anyone can now earn are entirely out of proportion. 

Can we rely on the government to issue more money to sustain this situation? If you have any of such thoughts, you cannot keep going. So, brothers and sisters, fellow fighters: please think seriously about how we should deal with our lives in the next few years, at least two or three years; think seriously about the earth-shaking political and societal changes around the world; think seriously about how to deal with the social behavior and lifestyle changes.

Today is Monday. Right? There will be no live broadcast tomorrow. We might have a live broadcast on Wednesday. Please pay attention to my announcement. 

I will squeeze some time to do a live broadcast because many fellow fighters ask for it. Our live broadcast yesterday had a huge impact nationally and internationally. You should not just treat the live broadcast as entertainment. Try your best to spread it, okay?

Thank you, everybody. Time is up.

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