Vaccine-caused Secondary Disasters Emerge Worldwide, Mr. Miles Guo Advises All Fellow Fighters to Think Long-Term

Translated by MOS Education Group – Xunchi

Recently, social unrest incidents due to vaccination have frequently occurred around the world. In Australia, conflicts between people and local governments due to opposition to mandatory vaccination are escalating. In China, various tragic car accidents caused by drivers having a sudden ischemic stroke or heart attacks from vaccination have repeatedly been in the press.

In today’s Gettr video, Mr. Miles Guo called on his fellow fighters to think seriously about how to survive and live in the next year or two. Mr. Miles Guo advised to seriously deal with the impact of changes in all aspects of social and political structure, and especially take necessary protection against unpredictable traffic incidents caused by ischemic stroke, heart attacks, or other kinds of vaccine-caused disasters.

Mr. Miles Guo said that we should fully anticipate the difficult life in the next year or two, keep less fuss and stay low-key, and ensure a stable and safe life for ourselves and our families. For our fellow fighters in mainland China, they should wisely prepare the necessary protection and medication. Be sure not to let good intentions go awry and buy the wrong medicine, let alone give medicine to other fellow fighters without professional knowledge or expertise.


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