New South Wales of Australia Will Remove Vaccination Passport Restrictions

Translated by MOS Education Group – Xunchi

On September 27, Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his Gettr that the governor of New South Wales in Australia issued a new order that residents can freely access indoor places such as restaurants and clubs, participate in all outdoor activities, and resume their normal lives, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. This order will start on December 1. Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that this executive order of New South Wales is another great success of the New Federal State of China in fighting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through exposing the truth about COVID vaccines and saving humanity.

On the same day, Mr. Miles Guo sent a number of Gettr messages again to remind his fellow fighters to say “no” to vaccines and mandated vaccinations. The New Federal State of China citizens should continue to spread the truth about the CCP virus (COVID) and COVID vaccines, in order to prevent upcoming secondary disasters caused by the virus and vaccines. Mr. Miles Guo emphasized again that if you want to protect your family, please keep them away from COVID vaccines, share with them the truth about the virus and vaccines, and reach out to those in need. For those who have already received the vaccine, please avoid the second and third shots. If you start to experience symptoms, please seek help immediately and do not hesitate to ask your doctor to prescribe Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Artemisinin for COVID treatment.

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