GETTER CEO Jason Miller Promotes GETTR in England and France

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team-Gloria

GETTER CEO Jason Miller went on a whirlwind publicity tour in Europe this week to earn support for GETTER’s international market.

Miller first visited French presidential candidates Éric Zemmour and Le Pen Marion Maréchal  in France.  Then he flew to London and met with Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Brexit party, Andy Ngo, an investigative expert from Antifa in the United States, and Carl Benjamin, a conservative Youtuber.

The multi-language version of GETTER was launched on all application platforms including Apple and Android, on September 18.  Miller said that the multi-language version is very important,and currently about 10% of GETTR’s users use Chinese.  Miller also revealed that many of GETTER ‘s outstanding technicians are Chinese.

At present, conservative voices on social networks are being censored, suppressed, and banned by big technology companies worldwide.  GETTER provides a social media platform for the society to speak fairly and will not include political positions in the scope of censorship.

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