German election, SPD Wins over Merkel’s CDU

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Germany’s election was a tight race, with the Social Democrats winning a majority of the vote with 28.5%, defeating Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. The Greens also won 14.6 percent, their best ever result, and the FDP 11.5 percent.

Schulz ,the Social Democrat candidate, is a former mayor of Hamburg and is Germany’s current finance minister and deputy chancellor, giving him a full political history. This victory gives him the opportunity to become the next Chancellor of Germany.

Both the Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Party are parties close to the Chinese Communist Party and tend to cooperate with them in developing economic and trade relations.

The Green Party, with the third highest vote share, advocates taking relations with the CCP seriously, not ignoring the issue of Hong Kong because of economic and trade interests, believing that products of forced labor in Xinjiang should not enter the European market, and mentioning the issue of Taiwan’s status.

The LDP, which ranked fourth in terms of vote share, is clearly anti-communist and has repeatedly emphasized the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and removed the “One China Policy” from its party congress this year, as the CCP has abducted international relations. The LDP supports freedom and democracy in Taiwan, and the Norman Foundation, to which the LDP belongs, is currently preparing to open an office in Taiwan.

As Germany begins to enter an era of political parity, the shift in German public opinion is bound to affect Europe, and the EU’s exclusively Chinese Communist political line is changing.


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