The academician of the Chinese Communist Party stand by poisonous vaccines side, the citizen’s comments on it overwhelmingly

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

Zhang Boli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in a media interview recently, as new rounds of epidemics have begun to appear in many countries, there will be more and more imported cases, the local areas in china  will outbreak the epidemics, and the solution is to continue to vaccinate more vaccines. Although Academician Zhang admitted that vaccines are not effective in prevention, he still advocates the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing the rate of severe illness and mortality.

Facing to the false propaganda of Zhang Boli’s, many people questioned if the vaccine is effective with two shots, why do they have to get the third vaccine shot?  Some people sarcastically said that vaccines are Western medicine, and suggested that Academician Zhang should research and develop it how to use Chinese medicine to prevent and treat the virus.  Some people even ruthlessly warned Academician Zhang not to be as a salesman of the vaccine manufacturers!

As more and more vaccine disasters occurred, and the truth about the virus/vaccine is revealed, the western democratic countries will stop compulsory vaccination soon, or even stop all vaccination plans, and the CCP push he vaccines may continue it for a long time.  The whistleblowers movement called on our compatriots in China to seek and see the truth on the vaccines and not to administer the vaccines.


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