Someone inside the U.S. Helped Meng Wanzhou Return to China

Written by: Ermat

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Mr. Guo said during a live broadcast on Sept. 26 that Meng was able to return to China not only because Huawei has two official dads, but also because someone inside the United States helped Meng Wanzhou return to China.

Before Kerry went to China, I knew that they were going to talk about the topic of Meng Wanzhou. I have information about the conditions negotiated between the U.S. and the CCP, and what is being discussed within the CCP. We want the U.S. side to know first that someone on your inside wants to help Meng Wanzhou get back to China. The time, place and manner I mentioned are all accurate. The information I now had in my hand gave those people a feeling of betrayal, and someone kicked the chair next to them.This makes the US really realize how badly US insiders have been infiltrated and bought off. It also made the US understand that if the CCP wins the US on 5G, the CCP will put the US to death.

This event will increase the chances of the far right in the US winning the election in 2024. Trudeau is already finished. Japan and Europe will feel more threatened. This is very good for validating the strength of our intelligence and for future cooperation with the far right in the US.



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