With the collapse of its economy, CCP will expand its biochemical warfare and continue to release new viruses

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Xia

With the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s economy collapsing, the Chinese people will uprise, and Communist China will soon be decoupled from the world economy. This series of aftermath indicates that CCP is doomed to be finished on the global stage. By that time, CCP will continue releasing the new virus, moreover, the covid vaccines will not be effective at all.

The new virus is called “Fever Virus” (literal translation). After people are infected, their mouths, noses, eyes, and ears will bleed immediately and will probably die. The new virus is extremely toxic and doesn’t have a long incubation period. The mortality rate will be particularly high as well. Now, CCP is working with a certain country to build 2-3 new biochemical weapons laboratories. After releasing the new virus, CCP will shift the blame to the COVID.

We humans used to believe that biochemical weapons would not be used again, but since CCP released the coronavirus, we have witnessed millions of deaths worldwide, hundreds of millions of people got infected. And now people are getting used to death. So, it’s very likely that no one would even think it’s a big deal when new viruses are released, since CCP has unleashed the COVID.

Sources: Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcast on September 23

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