Pathologists Tell You Through Autopsies About What Happens in the Body After Vaccination?

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Recently, Peter Schirrmacher, chief pathologist in Germany and director of the Institute of Pathology at the University of Heidelberg, performed more than forty autopsies on people who died within two weeks of receiving the new coronavirus vaccine. He was shocked to find that 30 to 40 percent of these deaths were directly related to the vaccination. The side effects included rare cerebral venous thrombosis and autoimmune disease. Not coincidentally, Dr. Ryan Cole, an American anatomical pathologist, was one of the first pathologists to come forward and explain what happened to the pathological sections of people who were vaccinated. Pathologists specialize in analyzing tissue sections of patients and giving the results to the doctors in front of them, and are known as “doctors’ doctors”.

Dr. Ryan Cole, who heads a medical laboratory in Garden City, made headlines on July 27 when he spoke at a white coat summit organized by American Frontline Doctors (AFD), calling the new coronavirus vaccine a “clot injection” and “needle rape”. On September 3, he was officially appointed to the Central Idaho District Health Council (CDH).

Dr. Ryan Cole is a well-known anatomist and pathologist. He holds a long list of titles (PhD in immunology and virology, expert in anatomic pathology at the Mayo Clinic, and has taught at several universities). He has an amiable personality. This has prevented him from being easily fired for speaking out against the new coronavirus vaccine. His talk at the White Coat Summit was about 17 minutes long. At the conference he warned that the stinging protein in the vaccine is unadulterated poison, capable of attacking all your organs. It’s not a vaccine, it’s an unadulterated poison. He damages your immune system that fights diseases like cancer and stimulates potential viruses. One could see a dramatic increase in cancer patients in the coming years. The autopsy sample behind his desk, a 50-year-old fit athlete who died 2 days after vaccination. Here is the truth about the new coronavirus vaccine as revealed by Dr. Cole’s autopsy.

The spike protein doesn’t just stay where it’s injected into. It travels throughout the body and is distributed to multiple organs. Animal studies have found that injecting just the spike protein is enough to cause a variety of symptoms caused by the new coronavirus. These include pulmonary symptoms, cardiovascular symptoms, heart disease, and brain disease. This spike protein is the poison. Why do we need to inject this poison into our bodies? This is actually a poison that causes various diseases and cannot be called a vaccine.

After the vaccine is injected, this spike protein keeps circulating in the body. It causes damage to various organs. Comparing a normal blood vessel wall with a picture of a vaccinated one, the mitochondria of the vaccinated blood vessel cells are broken. Mitochondria give energy to the cells.

A picture of a relatively healthy lung and a vaccinated lung lesion. Those little purple bubbles show very much signs of inflammation. Because the vaccine binds there, and then your body’s immune system starts attacking there causing the disease. The vaccine you got caused the disease. They keep lying and calling this a “vaccine”.

This spike protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and can destroy the blood vessels in your brain. It causes blood clots and inflammation in the brain. They are lying when they tell you that no one has been victimized by the vaccine. According to the brain section analysis, all the blue dots are signs of inflammation and should not be in that area. It’s all caused by this toxic protein.

And the children? Inflammation of the heart. There are those same deceptive receptors inside the heart. Look at the picture of the heart, the white ones on the outside are inflammatory symptoms, they shouldn’t be there. That’s where spike protein go and your immune system starts attacking there. When your heart is damaged, the heart doesn’t repair itself. The blue areas of the picture are all signs of inflammation. The brown parts are the scars that are left behind. After the heart is damaged there is no cell regeneration to replace them. They stay that way, in their damaged state. Do you want to vaccinate 12 and 15 year olds? We have received 200 times more cases of inflammation of the heart muscle than the original. Stop this madness! Call for these to be stopped immediately. This is not Science, this is poisoning the public!

Next is a picture of the kidneys, which are important. But vaccination can cause damage just as well. The blue parts of the picture show signs of inflammation, also caused by the immune system attacking after the spike protein has passed. Then there are the ovaries, where the Japanese research team found that liposomes wrapped in mRNA can collect in the ovaries. This is likely to be lifelong, reducing fertility in rats by 16%. Rats are the most fertile animals on the planet. Pfizer covered up the data. What happens in humans? We don’t know, we don’t have long-term clinical data.

Next is thrombosis, where D-dimer rises after vaccination. There are tiny blood clots everywhere after vaccination.

Earlier in March, at a forum hosted by Governor Janice McGeachin, Dr. Cole implied that the new coronavirus vaccine could cause cancer and autoimmune disease. He also noted at the same time that ivermectin could be an effective treatment for neo-coronavirus.

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