Philippine Official Proposes Citizens to Have CARRY-ON VACCINATION CARD

Translated by: MOS Business Team – freedom166

On Wednesday’s Laging Handa briefing, Interior Undersecretary for Barangay Affairs Martin Diño suggested that citizens wear a government-issued vaccination card as proof of their COVID-19 vaccine status.

DILG exec proposes requiring vaccine cards to be worn like IDs outdoors
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Under the fourth alert level placed in Metro Manila, people who are not fully vaccinated will be restricted to enter some establishments outdoors. Diño stated that the carry-on vaccination card will avoid being disturbed and questionings by police and other staff.

The COVID-19 vaccines do not protect us from getting infected by the CCP virus. Instead, it will further harm our bodies. Having a carry-on vaccination card is another compulsory measure from the government. This is not only unconstitutional, this will also create internal division and discrimination among people.

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