U.K. Warned Everyone to Avoid Extradition Locations

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The Liberty Times reports that the U.K. government updated their travel advice on the department’s website in September for citizens traveling through Hong Kong. The new updates remind people of several matters regarding “Hong Kong National Security Law,” including 45 charges which carry the maximum penalty of life imprisonment. The National Security Law applies to “illegal activities conducted both inside and outside of Hong Kong,” which means CCP law enforcement agencies can detain or extradite anyone regardless of their citizenship.

比尔·布劳德提交了针对瑞典银行的犯罪行为报告– 波罗网
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The U.K. government also warned Bill Browder, a British financier and political activist, to avoid traveling to the countries that have extradition agreements with China. Browder was named in the case of Andy Li Yu-Hin, a Hong Kong resident in exile in Taiwan, whom was accused of “collaborating with foreign power.” Earlier, Browder was alleged by the Hong Kong government on promoting Magnitsky’s sanctions against Hong Kong officials. Browder commented that the Hong Kong National Security Law was not only a target at the Hong Kongers, it also targets anyone living outside the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. It is reported that besides Browder, the U.K. government is trying to contact other individuals who are mentioned in so-called “National Security Law Case” by the Hong Kong government.

In addition, there is an immigration regulation amendment starting August 1st  to allow the Hong Kong government to prohibit designated individuals from leaving Hong Kong. Due to this amendment, countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, France, Finland, Netherlands, and Ireland have suspended their extradition agreements with Hong Kong. 

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