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Mr. Miles Guo started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose CCP’s nefarious plan to dominate the world. He founded the New Federal State of China on June 4, 2020 and lead the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP.

Mr. Guo broadcasts almost daily on the latest development on issues concerning the well-being of all the people around the world.

The New Federal State of China is fighting not only to save the Chinese people; we are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence and destruction of the devil CCP, and to defend the most scared to mankind, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On Aug 4, 2021, Mr. Steve K. Bannon praised Mr. Guo: “Miles has been right on so many things…I think Miles is really the George Washington of the Chinese people…He is out there. He is saying things, He is like a rock no matter how many people are attacking him and saying things about him. He has been so right.”

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Miles Guo’s News Briefing @Mapleleaf98765

Topics in this broadcast:

  1. The collapse of Evergrande will detonate the global financial market
  2. The CCP will release a lethal virus when Evergrande collapses
  3. Virus and Vaccines Disaster Globally
  4. The Outlook of the Future
  5. The West is brewing a huge anti-Chinese movement

1. The collapse of Evergrande will detonate the global financial market

  • There is a shortage of electricity in AnHui and JiangSu provinces because it loses money to generate electricity using charcoal. They can only meet 40% of the capacity right now. Everything in communist China is fake, when they can no longer afford to import things, problems start to show.
  • China’s housing bubble is about to burst. People do not own the land when they buy properties in China. The longest lease for the land is 70 years. How will the bank evaluate those properties when there are only 20 years of the lease of the land left? Moreover, most buildings will not last beyond 30 years due to poor construction quality. Mr. Guo was in the construction business, his PanGu 7-star hotel in Beijing was built to last 200 years, using good quality steel for double enforcement.
  • The money gained from the real estate market, the government took 70% of it, the rest were divided by other people.
  • The collapse of Evergrande will be like an explosion that detonates the global financial markets. The CCP is using all its might to prevent it. The central government has asked each local government to take their share of the Evergrande problem. By saving Evergrande, they are saving everybody else, i.e. the shadow banks, insurance companies, trust fund businesses, capital pools of tens of billions of dollars. This works towards the benefit of Jiang, Zeng, and Meng families.
  • But the real-estate capital pools in China, all the insurance companies, such as PingAn, MingSheng, ZhaoShang, will be destined to collapse in an instant. And all the financial institutions and shadow banks will be finished accordingly.
  • The entire Chinese financial market is a Ponzi scheme. The collapse of Evergrande will be much more significant than that of Lehman Brothers. This explosion of Evergrande in China will ignite the global financial market instantly, all Bitcoins will be dumped. The US wants the CCP to stop the detonation so badly. Japanese financial minister called the Chinese head, Guo,ShuQing, four times a day, to prevent this bomb from exploding. Europe is also scared to death as the Euro will be a big problem. The whole world is begging Xi not to let Evergrande explode.
  • But Evergrande will collapse for sure, and Xu, JiaYing (head of Evergrande) will die “accidentally” and suddenly. He will not go to prison. Wang, Jian (head of HNA)’s family member admitted that Mr. Guo’s prediction that Wang’s family member would gradually be “disappeared” is becoming true. Two more family members of Wang have just been “disappeared”. There are many ways to let people die these days, e.g. vaccinating them five times.
  • The in-fights between the factions of the CCP continue to intensify. Sun, LiJun is like a mafia who could probably kill the entire family of Xi, JinPing. (Sun was imprisoned recently by Xi). Meng, JianZhu (head of CCP’s Political and Law Committee) has lost his freedom since 2019. Two people came out of Chongqing (Sichuan Province): the political murderer who was the director of Chongqing Public Security, and political conspiracy usurper who was the secretary of the Chongqing Party Committee.

2. The CCP will release a lethal virus when Evergrande collapses

  • When the financial market does explode, the CCP will release a lethal virus in huge quantities, to cause more people to die, and to restrict people to their houses. Anybody who dares to go out to hold Evergrande accountable will be killed either by the virus or the vaccines.
  • This will be a deadly “fever virus” with no incubation time, the infected will die quickly with bleeding from seven orifices on the head and the mortality rate will be extremely high.
  • The CCP is building 3 biological and chemical weapons laboratories with a major country. Two in the Middle East and one in Eastern Europe. At present, the US does not have any countermeasures, only warnings.
  • One lab is built around Japan, once the poison is released from there, half of the Japanese population will be wiped out, and it will be blamed for COVID.
  • The release of more biological and chemical weapons in the future will all be blamed for COVID. Now that millions of people have died and hundreds of millions of people have been infected, people are used to it.
  • The perpetrators who have released the COVID are not held accountable due to the corruption of the world leaders, medical professionals, and scientists. One evil lab leader said that “We can determine the fate of the earth”.
  • Evergrande will likely hold until March or April 2022, or after the 20th CCP’s Congress meeting in China, or even after the CCP takes over Taiwan.
  • Hong Kong will deteriorate day after day. The takeover of Taiwan is a sure thing for Xi.
  • The worst and darkest moment of mankind has not arrived yet. People must get ready for it.

3. Virus and Vaccines Disaster Globally


  • Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong Provinces and Shanghai account for half of China’s GDP. Jiangsu and Zhejiang produce 90% of the COVID vaccines, but 80-90% of the vaccinated people use fake vaccines.
  • In China, there are different types of vaccines for different people. There are marks on the vaccines. The medical institutions know what kind of vaccines to use on different people.
  • The low-end population in the eye of the CCP will be vaccinated to death, the rest will get their own types of vaccines accordingly, some will get less-lethal type, some will get the harmless kind, some will get an immune booster shot. The top leaders do not get vaccinated.


  • Sept 22, 2021 is Aug 16, 2021 in lunar calendar, the wedding anniversary for Mr. Miles Guo and his wife of over 30 years. But his mind was preoccupied by the messages from our fellow fighters who were either newly infected by the COVID or who had just recovered from the medications he sent them. There have been over 200 fellow fighters who have been infected so far, often the entire family got infected.
  • The slide or video information at the beginning of each Mr. Guo’s broadcast session regarding vaccines problems are important as many people around the world use them as evidences. Someday when the world wakes up, it would be horrified to see those slides.
  • One big shot in Taiwan military told Mr. Guo that he and his subordinates all have been vaccinated with the fake (i.e. harmless) vaccines, that he would rather die than let his people die from the real vaccines.
  • The vaccines disasters in the West will start to explode from October 2021 to April 2022.
  • Following the announcement of Artemisinin as the magic antidote to COVID by Mr. Guo on Aug. 30, 2021, there has been overwhelming responses in China. The price for raw material of Artemisinin and the medicines have increased drastically. However the medical industry and major media around the world are trying to suppress this information. Why do you think that is?

Note: FYI. Here is the announcement by Mr. Guo on Aug 30, 2021 regarding Artemisinin:

4. The Outlook of the Future

  • A lot of money is printed, and welfare is distributed, and no one produces things. The economy will be bad beyond imagination. Many products cannot be produced, and the product supply chain will collapse.
  • One of the founders of Goldman Sachs in his eighties has sold off everything he has, properties, stocks, collections of cars, he does not hold US dollars. He holds very liquid-able things.
  • The fluctuation of the US stock market will eventually stop and no longer go back up.
  • Trudeau did not really win in Canada, as a minority government, he could not do the things he really wants. There will be major social stability and safety issues in Canada.
  • When the financial market explodes globally, the Himalaya Coin of the New Federal State of China will be in a good position as it has no debt and its system is based on the gold reserve.
  • Mr. Guo believes that the future financial system will return the Bretton Woods system and the gold standard. Petrodollars, credit dollars, bitcoin, etc. will be gone.
  • Twitter will be destined to die from the class action lawsuits. Once Twitter and Youtube are gone, how valuable will Gettr become?

5. The West is brewing a huge anti-Chinese movement

  • The world will blame the Chinese people for the pandemic created by the CCP. Most people in the world cannot differentiate the CCP from the Chinese people.
  • Even Israelis blame their high vaccination rate to China and the Chinese people. They call it Chinese vaccines.
  • Mr. Guos’ politician friend in Japan told him yesterday that the Japanese are hating the Chinese to the bones.
  • At this moment, Mr. Guo can feel that the powerful people in the economic, military, and intelligence circles are biting their teeth and hating the Chinese people.
  • It is recordable that there were about 370,000 people who were affected by the anti-Chinese movement in Indonesia led by Suharto back in 1960s. Many of them were raped, tortured, and then brutally killed. At that time, the CCP covered this up for its own strategic needs, it even said it was a good thing for people in China who were pursuing Western liberal thinking.
  • Mr. Guo is calling on all the Himalaya Farms of the New Federal State of China to prepare for the potential disasters and protect the overseas Chinese people.
  • Mr. Guo is working with the security forces around the world to protect our fellow fighters. The passport of the New Federal State of China is becoming very important.

Mr. Guo:
Together let’s pray for the 7.5 billion human beings, 1.4 billion compatriots of New Federal State of China, compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, and fellow fighters and families of the Whistleblower Movement!

[ENGLISH] MR.Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 09.23.2021

[CHINESE] MR.Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 09.23.2021

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