Communist China’s Ambassador to Sweden Suddenly Left His Post

Translated by: MOS Art Team-Redd

It is reported by Radio Sweden that the Communist China’s ambassador to Sweden, Congyou Gui, officially left office on the 24th, and he will be back in China immediately. A new ambassador is expected to take office by the end of this year.

Since Gui took office in 2017, there have been constant controversies. He was criticized for threatening democracy and free speech by media. The Sweden diplomat Ann Linde said, they have met with Gui several times, told him that free speech is under the Sweden constitution, and that to threaten individual free speech is an unacceptable behavior. However, it doesn’t seem to work for him. The Sweden opposite party jointly asked the Sweden government to expel him, including the democratic party listed Gui as “the unwelcomed”. They argued that Gui has severely affected the diplomatic relations between the two countries, which has also impacted the Chinese people’s reputation in Sweden.

The reporter heard the news of his leaving office from Gui’s farewell letter to the Swedish business community. It was later confirmed by the Communist China embassy, but it hasn’t been officially announced. The local media in Sweden expressed that “there are few diplomats (like him) who are so incapable of diplomacy.” Whether Gui decided to resign early or was forced to left office is still unknown.

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