Fully Vaccinated TV Hosts Got Tested Positive for COVID-19

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

On Friday, the two hosts of the ABC political TV talk show “The View”, Sonny Hosting and Anna Navarro, were asked to leave the show because they were tested positive for COVID-19. The show, later, became chaotic.

It is reported that the hosts Sonny Hosting and Anna Navarro have both been fully vaccinated. Ironically, just before the two hosts were asked to leave, the program team was still talking and complaining about people who had not been vaccinated at the beginning, and marked the so-called reminder that “Getting vaccinated, so you won’t spread COVID-19”.

The vaccines cannot prevent virus infection, On the contrary, It will make the virus even more contagious and it can prolong the incubation period.  “The View” is a high-rated daily news talk show in the United States. The original plan was to guide and divide the public, but the live broadcast proved that vaccination was ineffective. This will continue to affect the audience and hopefully make them rethink about the media, government and medical care they once trusted.

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