The New Federal State of China Is God’s Best Gift to the Whistleblower Movement

The big news in the world today is Meng Wanzhou’s “triumphant return” to China.  But why did the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-owned news site turn off the comment sections.

Miles will be live on GTV tomorrow (September 26th) starting at 10 a.m. ET to discuss Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou and food shortage in Communist China. 

  • Miles will share the story behind Meng’s return to Communist China tomorrow.
  • Many Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors from the food industry are worried about the food shortage in China and predict that people may starve to death next year. These fellow warriors are very professional about what they do but still lack some judgment about the current situation of world. Miles believes that China will be much worse than their analysis shows.

Miles suggests that information and intelligence are crucial because they will deeply influence people’s cognitive abilities and skills, determining whether they will do good or evil things.

  • People’s minds and thoughts shapes their destiny.  Therefore, it is very important to have access to the right media with correct and reliable information.
  • Intelligence defines the future of a nation and the victory or defeat of the war.

Miles believes that the safest place must be away from cities and out of the supply chain, and the closer to nature, the better.

  • We must remember that the darkest time is yet to come. Right now, viruses and vaccines are the most significant things we should be focusing on. Don’t let other things distract us.

Artemisinin is a gift for the people, along with ivermectin and dexamethasone, which can definitely save lives from the CCP virus.

  • Miles is very grateful that the Himalayan Alliance and Himalayan farms around the world have been delivering emergency medication to fellow WM warriors who are ill. 

How can we become the final winner of this disaster? 

1. stay away from the virus 2. don’t get vaccinated 3. prepare enough medication and antidotes 4. have enough money to get through the disaster 5. live in good health after the pandemic.

The New Federal State of China is the best gift that God has given us. It has united us and given us hope, wealth, and motivation to live well in such daunting circumstances.

  • Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society, G Clubs, GETTR, G-TV, and G-News are all essential for us.
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