Guangdong man’s infection with H5N6 bird flu is an ‘incidental case’, said CCP officials

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Marco Polo

Health Commission of Guangdong Province reported on the evening of September 22 that a case of H5N6 bird flu infection had occurred in Dongguan. According to, the patient is a 53-year-old male who is currently being treated in the hospital.

The CCP Regime officially called the case an ‘incidental case’. However, in August this year, Huizhou, Guangdong also reported one case of H5N6 bird flu infection, while Guangxi reported two cases. In July this year, a bird-to-human cross-species transmission of H5N6 bird flu occurred in Bazhong, Sichuan. CCP officials still claim that the transmission was accidental. Since 2014, the CCP Regime has reported 32 cases of human infection with H5N6 bird flu.

In the United States, scientists are puzzled by a large number of unexplained deaths of birds in several states in the eastern United States this year. According to Live Science, Hundreds of young starlings, blue jays, grackles, and other birds in the eastern U.S. are dying from a mysterious illness. This mysterious illness was first reported in Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and Maryland in May but has become much more widespread in the past two months. So far, scientists have ruled out some of the most common culprits of bird die-offs. But the actual cause remains frustratingly elusive.

H5N6 bird flu is a newly discovered subspecies of avian influenza viruses, which have a high infectious and lethality rate.

Mr. Miles Guo revealed today that the CCP Regime may launch attacks on Western countries through ‘hot poison’ in the future. Although there is no evidence to show the direct connection between “hot poison” and H5N6 bird flu, the evil of the CCP is unlimited. It is high time to take down the CCP.


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