Evergrande’s financial nuclear bomb has panicked the world. The CCP intends to delay Evergrande’s fall

Translated by: MOS Financial Team Michael

Recently, the world’s financial market has been shocked by the Evergrande financial “Ponzi scheme”, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Earlier, Mr. Miles Guo reveal that Evergrande is the epitome of the Chinese Communist Party’s shady government; the Ponzi scheme conducted by Evergrande has absorbed a huge amount of financing from international financial institutions for more than a decade. Once its debt explodes, it will cause all the shadow banking systems in the Chinese Communist Party, fake financing bills, insurance, and trusts to reveal. International financial institutions will not be spared. 

On September 23, local time, Mr. Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that since Evergrande’s debt volume has reached the level of a financial nuclear bomb, officials from the US Securities Regulatory Commission, Japan’s Ministry of Finance, and various European financial institutions have been reaching out to the CCP over the past week, urging them not to detonate this financial nuclear bomb. However, this embarrassing moment is no control in the hand of the CCP. The Jiang faction of the Chinese Communist Party proposed that Evergrande’s debts should be completely dismembered and allocated to government agencies of all levels from central to local ministries and commissions. Evergrande’s problems should be resolved locally if it is a local issue;  if it is a central issue, it should be resolve by the central governance. This move will appease the victims of Evergrande at every level and simultaneously allow the traitor’s money pool – shadow banks, trusts, and insurance companies – to remain secure and hidden from the surface. Due to the inability to control the decisive power of the Chinese Communist Party’s financial industry, Xi Jinping’s authorities will adopt this plan. Due to this, tens of trillions of pirated funds pool of the of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, and Meng Jianzhu families will be protected in the short term. Whether or not to save Evergrande will not be a decision of Xi Jinping’s administration. In the long run, this huge financial black hole cannot be concealed and the CCP’s financial institutions such as Ping An, China Mingsheng Bank, and China Merchants Bank will collapse quickly.

In addition, once the financial nuclear bomb of Evergrande is detonated, currencies and stocks of all countries in the world will experience collapse. The Western countries will fall into economic collapse and subsequent political turmoil. The evil forces of all countries in the world will cooperate with the CCP at that time to intensify the epidemic, and even deploy biological weapons that are more deadly than the coronavirus, slaughtering the people of all countries who have awakened and rose to resist.
Mr. Guo has stated many times that the darkest moment of mankind has not arrived yet. The whistleblower movement and the New Federal State of China have been revealing the truth to wake the conscience and justice of more kind people. When disaster strikes, I hope that more people can wake up, help each other, and set foot on our “Noah’s Ark.”

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1550418/

Proofread and Edited by: Paratrooper
Posted by: Paratrooper

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