Workers without Vaccine Passports Won’t Be Paid in Italy

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Breitbart reported on September 24 that under a new mandatory vaccine decree for public and private companies, the Italian government has announced that workers who are not vaccinated will have their wages withheld, but they will not be suspended or fired from their jobs. The decree affects an estimated 23 million Italian workers in the public and private sectors.

Starting Oct. 15th, Italian workers will be obligated to show a Green Pass. This obligation will be enforced until Dec. 31st. According to La Repubblica, companies with fewer than 15 employees can suspend employees without a Green Pass for 10 days, and the suspension can be extended for the duration of the enforcement period. The Green Pass is valid for 12 months. The Green Pass for people who have already been infected with the virus are issued at the time of the first vaccination, while others must wait until they have completed two doses of the vaccine to obtain one. The Green Pass can also be verified by proof of a negative self-pay PCR test result.

People found to be working without a Green Pass can face fines of up to €1,500, which may apply to both businesses and employees. The Green Pass can also track where a person has been. This raises concerns about personal privacy.

Countries are making mandatory policies and punishments to force people to receive the ineffective and harmful vaccines and punishing those who do not comply. These ridiculous regulations are happening all over the place in Western democracies. There is only a thin line between democracy and tyranny. People should wake up and avoid falling into tyranny without realizing it. 

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