Frontline Medical Nurse Exposes Media and the Government Lies

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Maverick

The National News website reports on September 21, more and more nurses stand up to expose the lies of the Covid-19 vaccines. The medical staffs across the country as well as around the world are facing mandatory vaccination orders, threatened by “termination of employment”. Some have already been fired. They say, “there is nothing left for us to lose; the only thing that we can do now is to expose the lies and atrocities that we witness and have been happening in hospitals, clinic and nursing homes during the pandemic, to the public.”

According to a registered nurse in an interview on the Stew Peters Show, since the promotion of the Covid-19 vaccine, there have been endless harms relate to it, such as blood clots, heart and neurological problems, balancing, cognitive and aggressive behaviours, and brain diseases, etc.. Many adverse effects were not recorded in the vaccine report system.

The launching of the Covid-19 is a nightmare since everything related it is based on profit: this lead to the covering up and insurance and pharmaceutical companies are prohibiting the usage of many mature and effective drugs, such as ivermectin. Medical science has been politicized, and mainstream media are full of false information. Hence, people have lost their trust in the medical science and public health system.

Meanwhile, when the world is hurt by the vaccine politics, the G-TV and Gettr platforms stick to spreading the truth: the coronavirus and the vaccine are biochemical weapons, and we must avoided them at all costs.

Edited by: James Zoebel
Posted by: RonaldS


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