Melbourne police violently crack down anti-vaccine protest while similar protests are erupting around the world

Translated by: MOS Business Team – freedom166

Recently, citizens in Australia, Switzerland, Canada, France, Finland and many more countries are awaking from the silence against their governments and mainstream media on suppressing and concealing the truth. Thousands and thousands of citizens are protesting to defend their rights and freedom.

On Tuesday, anti-vaccine demonstration continues in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. Protesters are fighting against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on construction workers. Over 1000 protesters descended into the city’s central business district, chanting against COVID-19 vaccination mandate and lockdowns. The riot police were deployed to disperse the protesters. Over 40 people were arrested. Video showed hundreds of police continuously fired tear gas toward the protesters, several police even targeted a young mother with child by force. The scenes of Hong Kong evil police reappear there and it was shocking to everyone.

With the vaccine policies tighten up in many countries, governments are seriously restricting the normal activities and works of the unvaccinated and even their survivals have gradually been affected. The peaceful year is vanishing as the social justice is being severely torn apart, democracy and human rights are being undermined by the vaccine politics.

Edited by: James Zoebel
Posted by: RonaldS


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