Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 23rd, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on September 23rd, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talks about Wang Like, the Evergrande crisis, the bioweapons labs, the new virus, and the anti-Chinese sentiment. Below are the highlights.

The virus and vaccine disasters haven’t begun.

Yesterday, August 16, was my wedding anniversary. I was thinking about exterminating the CCP and vaccines, so I didn’t make my wife too happy. Health is important. Many messages on my phone say who got sick and who received the medicine and recovered. You will find that the virus is around us, and it’s scary. Over 200 close friends, brothers in arms, and families got sick in the past few days. There is a cure, but the biggest disaster is that people like to roll the dice. The virus and vaccine disasters haven’t begun. Brothers in arms, stay healthy and don’t catch the disease.

Regarding the world’s economic problems and crises, I can hear the sound of ice cracking. The disaster is still a ways away, but you have to prepare. Destruction of the CCP has value to you if you are alive. It will have nothing to do with you if you are gone. Until the extinction of the CCP, you and your family need to live in good health and safety. The extermination of the CCP will definitely happen, but there are many things I can’t tell you. Take your time to comprehend my words.

Listen to the live stream and write down the evidence.

Brothers in arms should read the PPT by Rachel carefully and understand what is really going on in the world. This is important evidence. Don’t just take away emotions after the live broadcast. You have to write down some evidence. We won a case the other day, a landslide win. Why did we win? Because I prepared for it and thought through everything in my head. As a result, we won 100 percent. You’re good if you can make a compelling argument and convince others without reading off a script.

Some Taiwanese military personnel took fake Covid vaccines.

My buddy in the Taiwanese military said he and all his subordinates all took fake vaccines. He said he would rather lose his head than let his men get the genuine vaccine. Then the higher-ups found out about it but looked the other way.

The electricity restrictions in China are due to high coal prices and environmental protection.

Just now, many brothers in arms asked whether the widespread electricity restrictions in Anhui and Jiangsu have anything to do with fighting Taiwan. Power generation is loss-making because coal prices are too high. What is the extent of the electricity shortage? Now we can only supply 0.4 kilowatt-hour electricity compared to the actual demand of one kilowatt-hour. It shows that everything in Communist China is fake. When the imported coal can’t meet the demand, all the problems appear, and the CCP is still fighting with Australia.

Wang Like, Meng Jianzhu, and Real Estate

This bastard Wang Like, Sun Lijun, and Chen Kun are Meng Jianzhu’s three swordsmen. A lot of people want to take out Xi, and they have deep connections. Meng Jianzhu lost his freedom in 2019 because of these guys. The relationship between Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu is like that between Brother Caogen and me. Sun Lijun is totally mafia and has the potential to wipe out the Xi family. Wang Like doesn’t speak a single human word when he opens his mouth. Wang Like once came to my place for a drink and reviled Guo Shengkun as soon as he opened his mouth. To this day, Xi has no soldiers of his own.

How much of China’s GDP comes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang? Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Shanghai account for half of China’s GDP. There are two kinds of people in Chongqing: the political murderer, for example, the Chongqing Public Security Chief, and the political conspirator who wants to usurp power, such as the Party Secretary of Chongqing.

Wang Like, the son of bitch, was very good with Sun Zhengcai and later hooked up with Meng Jianzhu. Meng Jianzhu kept a low profile in Jiangxi. After completing the Yuda development, I was allowed to demolish and relocate Henan Provincial High Court and Henan Provincial Government buildings. Later, Central China Development rose to prominence, but it’s finished now. I do not have a vote of confidence in real estate. I am the kind of person who can sit at a table full of dishes without eating. Isn’t that something? I said at the time, all the people who jumped into the pit of China’s real estate would be drowned.

I had a conversation with Meng Jianzhu’s girlfriend, who later worked at the China Petition Office. Who will buy China’s real estates? People buy them. The affordable housing (subsidized housing for the low-income people) is sold to the officials. Is there real estate in China? China’s properties have only 70 years of land ownership rights. Will a bank give you a mortgage on a house with only 20 years of residual value as if it still has 70 years left? What do you do with land and buildings? No buildings in China can last more than 30 years in many cases. I know the construction industry, and the only buildings I’ve built were designed to last 100 to 200 years. Pangu won’t break in 200 years. It used the same double-reinforced steel as the bird’s nest (the Olympic Stadium in Beijing).

What kind of people are Wang Like and Luo Wenjin? At least five or six times, I said that the Jiangsu and Zhejiang factions wanted to take out Xi. Sun Lijun took care of Meng Jianzhu’s wife when she had surgery in California. Sun Lijun had to undress her and help her with bathing. Sun Lijun used Meng’s wife to take out all the people around Meng. Wang Like also has unusual relationships with the people around Xi. Meng will definitely get caught. Wang Like would implicate more factions besides Meng Jianzhu. Several people around Xi will be arrested. How lucky is Xi to have survived all these years! Will he be so fortunate in the future?

80-90% of the Covid vaccines in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are fake.

How many people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang took vaccines? They have the lowest vaccination rate but produce 90% of the vaccines. 80% to 90% of the vaccines given to people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are fake. All the medical institutions in China know to whom the vaccines should be given. It’s absolute murder. In a box of vaccines, some bottles have markings, and the doctors know the secret. There is a conspiracy in the vaccine.

The CCP will solve the Evergrande problem locally to preserve the shadow banking system.

The CCP will do everything they can to keep Evergrande from dying abruptly. Evergrande’s death is not one of the three ways mentioned by Chinese netizens. As a key member of the Whistleblowers Movement, don’t guess. If you think about the facts and logic, you will be closer to the truth.

Seventy percent of the money from real estate goes to the government, and the other 35 percent is divided up among different parties. The world will collapse immediately if one trillion dollars disappear. It’s about confidence. The stock and financial markets are held together by confidence. When confidence is gone, there’s nothing left. After Nixon announced that the dollar would no longer be pegged to gold and silver, everything is bullshit.

We all know Hong Xiuquan. How was his Taiping Heavenly Kingdom defeated? Why did the kingdom collapse overnight? Focus on two things. The finance of the kingdom was cut off. Zeng Guofan gave 5% of the rich people’s wealth in the capital to the Emperor and kept the rest to himself.  Evergrande is like Li Xiuchen of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. To save Evergrande, you have to save everyone else. By carving Evergrande into pieces and letting each province solve the problem locally, the CCP puts a lid on China’s shadow banks, insurance companies, trusts, and other pools of money, the so-called pools of tens of trillions of dollars. It only benefits the Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinhong families.

The West begged the CCP not to ignite the Evergrande bomb.

The impact of the explosion of the Evergrande bomb will ripple through the United States. The United States wants the CCP to avoid detonating the bomb. Japan’s finance minister called Guo Shuqing four times a day, asking China to suppress the explosion of the financial bomb. Europe is also terrified. If something happens to the Euro, there will be a big problem. If Evergrande blows up, the world’s financial markets will immediately collapse. Even Bitcoin will be sold off. Domestic and international financial markets will be finished. The CCP will definitely release more viruses, kill more people, and keep people at home. If you ask Evergrande for money, the CCP wants your life. If the virus cannot kill you, the vaccine will.

The gold standard must be the future.
The international community is now begging Xi. The CCP will take everyone with it on the way to death. The world is asking Xi to avoid detonating the Evergrande bomb. When the time comes, our Himalaya Coins will be on fire. It’s God’s will. We have no debt. We designed the system to be linked to gold again. I think a return to Bretton Woods and a return to the gold standard must be the future. Petrodollars, credit dollars, Bitcoin, all of that will not stand. We couldn’t afford to implement the idea of the Himalaya Reserve two years ago. Everything will be over if we do it two years later.

Twitter is sure to be taken down by class-action lawsuits.

Twitter settled for $800 million. Twitter is sure to get taken down by class-action lawsuits. Remember, you will receive a windfall. Just bring the case to a small American town and find a Republican judge. Lude and Yan will 100%  go to jail. We won’t give up the fight with Big Head Lude for 100 years. We’ll go to the town and sue them. We must keep evidence about Twitter and YouTube. After taking out Twitter, what will the future of Gettr look like?

Xu Jiayin will die in an accident.

The fundamental problem with Evergrande is that real estate profit margins are between 10% and 15%, but it borrows money at 30% plus. The profit margin of the insurance industry, to which Ping An belongs, is 3%-5%. Ping An doesn’t think it needs to pay the money back to the customers. It is a scam. China’s Greenland, Country Garden, and Guangzhou R&F are all extremely levered. Their profits are consumed by interest expenses.

The first card will be critical to determine whether Evergrande falls or not, but in the end, Evergrande must fall and fall very miserably. Xu Jiayin will die in an accident, a sudden death. He won’t go to prison. Will he die in a woman’s bed? Will he kill himself with a suicide note? Wang Jian’s family contacted me and said that all my foresight about Wang Jian at that time was correct. I said his family would disappear one by one, and now two more have disappeared. They have so many ways to kill you, for example, giving you five shots of vaccines in a row.

Communist China prepares to expand biological warfare by releasing new viruses.

At this point, when the economy falls apart in China and worldwide, and many people die due to the vaccines, people will take to the streets. The CCP will continue to release massive amounts of viruses and keep the people at home. If the CCP releases new viruses, they won’t be coronaviruses. The new virus is called the “fever virus.” As soon as you contract the new virus, you will bleed from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The death rate is incredibly high.

As I’ve said no less than ten times, the CCP is building two or three biochemical weapons labs with a major power. Two are in the Middle East, and one is in Eastern Europe. So far, the US is doing nothing, just warning. It’s scary. The lab being built near Japan can release viruses that can kill half of Japan’s population. People will link the deaths to the coronavirus. Furthermore, any future use of biochemical weapons will be attributed to the coronavirus.

Now with millions dead and hundreds of millions infected, everyone is getting used to it. Anyone who releases the virus again will be fine. When the veil comes off, everyone has no shame and becomes a different person. When it’s okay to kill one person, then ten people, no one suspects anything anymore. No one can find out the truth even if the virus is unleashed. This world is out of control and corrupt. With corruption in medicine and science, nobody can find out about the bad things you have done. The head of the evil lab project said something shocking, “we could decide the fate of the planet.”

The death of Evergrande could be delayed until the 20th CCP Congress. Taiwan is in the CCP’s hands.

Evergrande will trigger a series of financial collapses in China, followed by international financial and currencies crises. At that moment, the communists will make sure you stay home, and it will release viruses in huge amounts around the world. The darkness isn’t here yet. However, without preparation, you will be finished. The farms need to keep in touch with their brothers in arms and prepare for the next onslaught of disasters. The vaccine disaster will happen and accelerate in October, November, and December and last until next March or April.

Evergrade will definitely make it to March or April next year, even after the 20th CCP Congress or after the invasion of Taiwan. Hong Kong will deteriorate every day. War with Taiwan is not even on the agenda because it’s already in the hands of Xi and the CCP.

Be prepared to face the wave of anti-Chinese sentiment caused by the CCP.

The farms must now unite. Everything the Whistleblowers Movement predicted has happened. Everyone must prepare for the worst. What are you guys going to do after listening to the live broadcast? Check your phones? Go to sleep? It won’t work. You have to think of a way to deal with the coming disaster.

In Australia, police shot rubber bullets at people. I said countless times on the air in 2017, 2018, and 2019, never classify people by left and right. Where in the world are the good guys and bad guys classified in the left group and the right group? Regardless of the factions, no one cares about the fake CCP dissidents. This world is all about strength.

If you haven’t assessed the strength of overseas Chinese, you won’t even understand the Whistleblowers Movement. The power of the overseas Chinese in various countries is almost zero. The number of people doesn’t determine whether you have influence or not. In the US, five million people can decide the US presidential election. There are three million Chinese Americans. Half of them listen to the CCP, and the other half are at the mercy of various forces. These few millions of people have no influence. Are there any spiritual leaders among Chinese Americans? Are there any spiritual leaders among the Chinese in Japan? We Chinese in the West must avoid the “big head” disease.

What we have to do is not to let the overseas Chinese become victims before the disaster comes. When the Suharto family in Indonesia abused the Chinese, no one in the CCP dared to mention it. When my words count, I will tell the Suharto family that I will definitely seek retribution. I don’t want any part of the world to have outbreaks of anti-Chinese riots. The safety and security of the Chinese in the West is the most important concern of our New Federal State of China. I want the farms to stand up for themselves at critical moments.

There’s a huge anti-Chinese movement brewing in the West. Do you think I went to the meeting in the mountains to earn you money? I heard more bad news. That’s normal. If it’s all good news, it must be fake. At the time, Suharto was against China. The CCP said it was inappropriate to escalate the situation for strategic reasons. The CCP thought the anti-Chinese riot was good news and it should suppress those Mainland Chinese with Western liberal ideas. For the record, 370,000 people were impacted in the Indonesian anti-Chinese riot. I told my brothers in arms in Laos that we must unite and retreat if we couldn’t stay there anymore. Because the CCP created this disaster and eventually, people will settle the score on the Chinese.

In the WarRoom, Bannon says China owes the US $5 trillion. WarRoom has 400,000 high net worth followers. My female politician friend in Japan told me yesterday that the Japanese hate the Chinese to the bone. At this very moment, I can feel the world economic, military, and intelligence communities biting their teeth and hating the Chinese. They call the Covid vaccine the Chinese vaccine. Even in Israel, with such high vaccination rates, people attribute the disaster to China and the Chinese people.

People should not overestimate the greatness of the Whistleblowers Movement. We do not have that much power to make the world believe in us and listen to us. The vast majority of people can’t hear us or don’t believe us even when they listen to us. Those who can’t tell the difference between the CCP and the Chinese will hate the Chinese. More than 90% of the people I met in recent days did not separate the CCP from the Chinese. So brothers in arms overseas, you must be careful. I feel it too strongly these days. Brothers in arms, say no to vaccination. Don’t fall victim to a secondary disaster. Don’t become victims of an anti-Chinese movement.

Americans are withdrawing cash.

The economy will be bad beyond imagination. No one will produce any product. The supply chain will collapse. Wouldn’t it be a disaster to print a lot of money for welfare and have no one to produce anything?

The founder of Goldman Sachs, an old man in his 80s, sold everything: houses, collector cars, and stocks. His holdings are not in dollars. They’re assets that can be easily converted to cash. Now Americans are all withdrawing cash. The US stock market is going up and down. Eventually, it’s bound to come down and never go back up. Canada’s Trudeau didn’t win. Nothing is certain with his government, just like the US government. Social stability in Canada will go horribly wrong.

You can’t procrastinate on the Himalaya Coins anymore.

We need to cooperate with security forces around the world to protect our brothers in arms. That’s why the passport of the New Federal State of China is important. By the way, whatever I say about the G-series has no legal consequences. Brothers in arms, hurry up to pass the KYC test. Now everything is in place. We are waiting to pull the trigger. The launch of the coin should not be delayed anymore. No matter what, it will be listed in October. Also, refer to the official release regarding the Himalaya Coins.

How should we prepare for an anti-Chinese crisis if it happens?
Keep several thousand dollars in cash. A month of food supply at home is enough. The key is how to buy things. Think through safe options and methods. Secure communication is also important.

What can the farm do to prepare for the next disaster?
In a few days, I will have a meeting with the farms to make some preparations. In particular, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand farms will prepare for security, etc. The farms can start preparing now for other aspects.

Is developing the G series and preparing for Armageddon contradictory?

As long as you survive, you have to develop. We have to be 100% prepared for the worst scenario. The G series will make sure you live and live better, but first, you have to survive. It is useless to keep cash in China. It’s better to go back to the second and third-tier cities. Go back home, farm some land, and you can survive. It’s hard for brothers in arms to go abroad. How will you make a living after leaving China? Don’t prepare a lot of food and money. It’s not realistic. However, you should have a six-month plan that is appropriate for you. Regarding safety, the preferences from best to the worst are rural areas, towns, third-tier cities, second-tier cities, and first-tier cities.

My family members don’t believe the messages of the Whistleblowers Movement. What should I do?

Family members don’t trust brothers in arms. We are under suspicion. That’s not new at all. I especially like the feeling because it’s more proof that I’m right. When you get in front of your family and ask them to listen to you and believe you are right, you make yourself and everyone else miserable. This is exactly where you fail the most in life. The key questions are whether you have faith and believe in yourself. If your emotions can be affected by whether others believe you or not, you can’t survive.

Nine out of ten times, life is below your expectation as it should be. The vast majority of people live in greed, anger, and constant doubt. You only need to understand the law of selflessness. Life is just over 30,000 days. Different environments and places have different standards. Truth is what the majority of people think is right. There is no beauty or evil in things. Abundance is a disaster. There have been crazy things like the Five Hu’s rebellion and the affairs in the emperor’s families.

There are two painful things in life. The first is loneliness, and the second one to remember is upholding your principles, sticking only to the truth, being unselfish and selfless, and discerning good and evil. If you can do these two things, you won’t care how others praise you and scold you. I have been in Qingfeng and fought with Liu Zhihua. There is no way other people’s emotions will sway me. Practice faith, a strong inner self, and selflessness, and you will live a different life. Even if nobody punishes Xu Jiayin and Jack Ma, they will get into trouble by themselves. Think of the patients in the hospital and those on death row, and you will feel that every second is precious.

Closing Remarks

Everyone should take a good look at the Indonesian anti-Chinese history and do more live broadcast on this topic, so that people can take precautions. The farms should brainstorm. I don’t have the cure-all solutions.

What was the world reaction after we announced artemisinin as the antidote? It was huge in China, but artemisinin isn’t recognized by the world. The price of raw materials for artemisinin has gone up a lot. So has the price of artemisinin. The world medical community and the media are doing everything to keep you out of the loop. Why is it? Think about it.

Let’s pray for the 7.5 billion humans, the 1.4 billion compatriots of the New Federal State of China, the compatriots of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang, and the brothers in arms and families of the Whistleblowers Movement!

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast.)

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