Mr. Guo Wengui Reveals More Inside Stories about HNA, Chen Feng, and Wang Qishan

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Kayla

When the news broke that HNA Group Chairman Chen Feng and CEO Tan Xiangdong had been taken into compulsory measures by the Communist Party authorities, it made people lament Mr. Guo’s accurate revelations about HNA four years ago and the truth about the investigation into the death of HNA’s former Chairman Wang Jian by a group of brothers in arms in 2018. Mr. Guo revealed more insider information about the HNA Group and the Communist Party stealing from the nation during his live broadcast on Sept. 24.

Mr. Guo said that Chen Feng and Tan Xiangdong were under residential surveillance two years ago. Chen Feng, Wang Jian, and others, under the instruction of Wang Qishan, have accumulated a large amount of land and coal investments in 7 provinces and cities across the country. Several standing committee members-Zhang Dejiang, Li Changchun, Han Zheng, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Zeng Qinghong, and other families are involved.

As early as 2018, HNA had debts of 3 trillion yuan and 20 trillion assets of its subsidiary Bohai Financial Holdings, which were valued through the tricks of false financial assessment, financial institution participation, subscription, and reassessment. The hard-earned money of the Chinese people has long been siphoned away by these tricks. 80% of HNA Group’s transactions are related to Blackstone Group and Schwarzman. The CIC Group, which is controlled by Zhu Rongji and Wang Qishan, has always been a major investor in Blackstone. However, CIC rarely makes a profit. Blackstone’s annual report has been steadily rising. The tricky in the meantime is self-evident.

After Chen Feng was arrested, about 40-50% of HNA’s assets were scattered overseas as the property of national thieves such as Wang Qishan. Mr. Guo said that the whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China will recover all this wealth for the victims of HNA and return the dignity and wealth that the Chinese people who deserve it.

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