Mr. Guo Wengui Reveals More Details of the Communist Military Interfering Taiwan with Nuclear Weapons

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Kayla

On September 24, local time, Mr. Guo Wengui revealed the details of the military action against Taiwan on September 24 in a live broadcast. Prior to this, Mr. Guo had reported in multiple live broadcasts that the CCP would have military operations against Taiwan around September 24th.

Mr. Guo said that on September 24, the Communist Party sent dozens of military planes to Taiwan in an attempt to deter Taiwan. In this operation, the CCP bandit forces achieved three firsts. The first time that a CCP military plane mounted seven micro-nuclear bombs to disturb Taiwan. The first time that the East China Sea Fleet was in southern and southeastern Taiwan. It is also the first time that the missile launch system was fully activated in Fujian, Guangxi, and Guangdong. The CCP military did not hesitate to expose its missile deployment to the United States and Japan.

This military operation marked the beginning of the CCP’s comprehensive “sea, land, and air” encirclement operation against Taiwan. In this demonstration, the Taiwan military was completely unable to fight back. The US and Japanese troops did not respond at all. This doubled the CCP’s confidence in attacking Taiwan.

History has proven that the mainland had no advantage in the previous battles against Taiwan. When Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty attacked Taiwan, the Tsarist Russia took the opportunity to capture nearly 2 million square kilometers of land in northern China. The CCP gave way the China land to Russia in exchange for its political benefits. The only one who will be beneficial from hitting Taiwan or threatening Taiwan is the bandits of Chinese Communist Party’s inner political wrestling, nothing about the national interest of any other country.

Mr. Guo thanked the brothers in arms in mainland China, many of them tried to prevent the attack on Taiwan, including the 924 military operations. They are true patriots and true national heroes.

The strength and credibility of the whistleblowers’ movement and the New Federal State of China have been further verified. They have gradually moved from behind the scenes of the world to the front of the stage.

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