Volume Seven – Evergrande Hui Ka Yan (Part 1)

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Editor’s notes: “Volume Seven” is a new column from Himalaya Athena Farm. Since January 2017, Mr. Miles Guo (also known as Brother Seven) launched the Whistleblowers’ Movement through live broadcasts on social media, profoundly changing the world. This column compiles Miles’best quotes on a particular topic over the years in chronological order to enable readers to understand the Whistleblowers’ Movement comprehensively.

Miles Guo July 4th 2017 Live Broadcast:

I suggest everybody take action. The CCP’s kleptocrats are the most fragile.Wasn’t Zhou Yong Kang powerful or what? And how about Guo Buo Xong, Xue Cai Hou? And Ling Jihua? Once they are arrested, they are nothing. All we need is for the deplorable to raise their hands. If we can last for a week, they will fall. We are not talking about 10 or 20 million people. Even with 2 million people standing on Chang An Street, you will surely see the CCP crumble.

Just like veterans who invested in the Fanya e Loan Fund, Family members of Lei Yang, Li Ming and Xu Ming, you have the money, and they won’t allow you to live safely, won’t let so many of you have a peaceful retirement. The only way is by taking action, to secure peace for our kids and to maintain safety and dignity for ourselves. Especially those private entrepreneurs, wake up, the next 3, 5 and 10 years your wealth will be taken away, again and again, then there will be anti-corruption again and again until those need to be arrested are all arrested. It’s impossible for people like Ma Hua Teng, Jack Ma, Xu Jia Yin (Hui Ka Yan in Cantonese), Wang Jian Lin, Guo Guang Chang to live well and to continue making more money. Let’s wait and see. What happened to Li Ming and Xu Ming yesterday will happen to us tomorrow. If you haven’t realised this, you won’t even have the opportunity to run away, or any chance to become me. 

Miles Guo August 2nd 2017 Live Broadcast:

The tragedy of Evergrande will be worse than anyone else! Worse than HNA! I will have two live broadcast sessions dedicated to exposing Evergrande! Evergrande’s scandal is only on a much bigger scale than HNA, not less.

What is real estate? Real estate businesses cannot become mega without financial corruption, without tampering with the plot ratio/volume fraction. When Evergrande buys the land, they will not hesitate to buy it, no matter how expensive it is. For example, this land is worth 1 billion, I bought it for 10 billion, but I changed the plot ratio 100-fold! What does this mean? The land price, which is ten times more costly, will be offset by the plot ratio, which is now 100 times more. This is just a metaphor! The cost is not an issue anymore. It doesn’t matter who you sell the house to! Sell ​​it to the bank! Sell it ​​to your own financial institution! The key is that you can mortgage on high evaluation or even use this house as collateral several times over! The goal is to borrow money from the bank! As for ordinary buyers of the property, it’s not so important whether they buy or not.

The boss behind Evergrande, the source and the destination of its funds, the way it operates is 100 times larger than that of Anbang and Wanda, not less. It’s not business; it’s called politics! Evergrande is a big liar! Pure financial scam! When Evergrande is eventually exposed, it will be bigger than Anbang, Ming Sheng and HNA! And it will have far greater implications at an international level! I will expose Evergrande when the time is right!

Miles Guo August 3rd 2017 Live Broadcast:

We are spineless, and many of us have been blindfolded, brainwashed and have taken zombie pills.

It’s the 1% that controls the rest 99% of the CCP members. It takes time and actual tests to make them clearly see what the real threats are. Such cannot be achieved by an isolated HIA case alone. Evergrande Chairman Hui Ka Yan’s stock in the Hong Kong stock market. It’s worth finding out how it runs up and down, where the loans come from, how the plot ratio of each project was adjusted, how were the projects financed, how did they get the loan from Shenjing Bank, and its bank stocks, where did Evergrande’s equity come from. Only one word can describe the whole scam – “biblical”. And also, the Shanghai Bank…

Miles Guo August 7th 2017 Live Broadcast:

You can take a look at how many Chinese companies are listed in Taiwan and Hong Kong stock exchange. Many of them are clearly rounding and robbing money there. Just like Hui Ka Yan of Evergrande, he is not in the business of real estate, and he is only playing financial real estate, financial real estate means real estate fraud! What’s being played here is loans, plot ratio, and then manipulation of the stock market in Hong Kong!

Miles Guo August 9th 2017 Live Broadcast:

I have no grievances with Hui Ka Yan, but he went around saying bad words and scolding me. Who doesn’t know where your money came from and how you manipulated the market? Who doesn’t know how you bribed those officials, who doesn’t know how you fraudulently stole the money from the bank? Who doesn’t know how to play with the plot ratio? Who doesn’t know what you’re doing with finance? How did you get into Shengjing Bank? Who doesn’t know your relationship with that Lao Dai (Dai Yongge)? And also with that New World’s Henry Cheng Kar-shun… You were still cleaning the toilet when I already knew Cheng Kar-shun! You can ask Cheng Kar-shun when I first met him? At that time, you didn’t even have any idea who he was? I have known him since 1991!

Fan Bingbing and Hui Ka Yan are a couple. After they slept together, Fan Bingbing went out to help him get business, to get project approval from the CCP leaders such as Wang Qishan. At the same time, Hui Ka Yan also took her out with him to introduced her to various businessmen and government officials, and together they robbed others. Even a fool knew what they were up to! There will be dire consequences when deceiving God.

I will not bother commenting on Hui Ka Yan today, who failed miserably. You think you were so powerful, based on what? Isn’t it all the money from people, from the bank? How did you get the money? Isn’t it just a power-money game? Isn’t it for the boss behind you? It could be the Standing Committee member today, who doesn’t know who your friend is? Why on earth would you invest in soccer? You can cheat those people with soccer for the time being, but you cannot fool all the people forever? Anyone who deceives God will perish!

(All contents are subject to the live video of Mr. Wengui)

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