Don’t Look at the World through a Rabbit’s Perspective

【Miles Guo’s Getter Highlights】2021.9.16 Don’t Look at the World through a Rabbit’s Perspective


The economy of Mainland China, the Evergrande group, and a series of real estate business as well as the CCP’s financial market. The internal conflict of the Party. It can be seen that this is similar metaphor to a story in the animal world. An injured deer is actually a detective from heaven,lying on the floor. He asked a rabbit who just escaped from lions. The dear asked, “what is your opinion on the rules of the animal world, as well as the Sahara Desert and the migration of animals in the African prairie. Tell me about the lion, who is the most powerful animal in the world?” The rabbit who was almost killed by the lions,responded “I can tell you in my life as a rabbit. I have already seen all the rules of the animal world.

I can tell you who is the boss among the lions and who is the boss among the small animals.

But me, the rabbit, is representing the power of life on the prairie”. The deer, who was in fact an angel, laughed and said, “ Oh, so that is all you see.” the rabbit never knew what was beyond the prairie that it lives on. The rabbit never knows, beyond the migration on prairie, there are even bigger prairie. This is called sort sightedness, Fellow fighters, we should not be rabbits and believe what we see is what is it. The story I just told is like a single leaf in the middle of Central Park, or like the rabbit. He believed that he could represent the whole animal world. He saw the lions, the deer, the hippos and he believed that he was immortal, but he didn’t realize that he was only a part of the food chain.

Therefore, we cannot be short sighted and look at the world through the lens of the rabbit

Therefore, don’t count on any single perception on the truth of the Communist Party

Nobody can draw the whole corruption map of the Party, but the whistleblower movement can tell you the true evil nature of the Party is in Zhong Nan King. They are ruling the country with corruption, with the ways of the Mafia, and with faking everything. Once we are able to understand the essence of it, all we need to do is to eliminate those who are in control of the evil machine. We don’t need to take apart this evil machine. But we will need control of it to repair it the right way. No one in this world knows everything.

Video Clip:NorthAurora
Chinese Subtitles: Yushanxiqiaoke
Subtitles+Video Editor:xtts

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