Federal Medical Agency Employees Reveal the Truth About the Covid-19 Vaccine

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

On Monday,Project Veritas released the first part of the series “Revealing the truth about the Covid-19 vaccines”. Jodi O’Malley, an employee of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and a nurse at the Indian Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, was receiving in an interview with Project Veritas, it was stated that in the hospital where she worked, more and more people fell ill and died because of the Covid-19 vaccines, while the government was covering up the truth of the vaccines.

According to the secret video released by the whistleblower O’Malley, the medical center has received many cases of adverse reactions caused by the vaccines, but the government has never made relevant reports. O’Malley has always expressed doubts and concerns about vaccines. After the mandatory vaccination order was implemented, the “religious exemption” was abolished in some areas. When a colleague who worked in the ICU was forced to be vaccinated and became seriously ill and eventually died, she decided to bravely expose the truth. O’Malley said that the FDA and CDC had the obligation and responsibility to protect the people, but what they are doing now is very unscientific and extremely evil.

This video caused a media storm as soon as it was launched. There were more than 2.1 million views just on Twitter in just a few days. 

A few hours ago, Project Truth released an even more shocking part two. Taylor Lee, an FDA employee, revealed a terrible government plan. In the video, Lee talked about unvaccinated populations, such as African Americans or ethnic minorities with reservations, the government will first vaccinate whites to avoid racism. For Americans, it may develop a Nazi-like register to force people to be vaccinated door-to-door.

Science is the foundation of Western technology and industrial civilization. Western people do not believe in politicians, but they believe in science, medical systems, and media. And all of these are now completely monopolized by evil organizations, and the truth about the virus and vaccines have been suppressed and covered up. Nowadays, the U.S. whistleblowers bravely stand up and expose the harm caused by the vaccine to the people. This may have a stronger impact on the American people. When people around us get sick or even die due to vaccination, more people will join the protest. 

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