A Vaccine Story-A Story the Mainstream Media Will Never Report

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Source: Facebook

The article is about a vaccine story shared by a doctor, which the mainstream media will never report.

Katie Lees is an Australia young comedian. According to the content posted on Facebook, Katie experienced severe blood clotting after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, she died on August 4th despite the timely rescue. Katie’s family explained that the original intention to get the jab was a concern for her community. The lockdown has brought severe mental health problems to the community, and she hoped the mass vaccination rollout could bring back an everyday life. Where people can go to a movie, be around with their friends, be able to take a deep breath during a yoga class, or at least enjoy sweating during a performance…

Katie’s last update on her Facebook “Katie & Grace Comedy” channel was on April 7. In September last year, she posted on Facebook and jokingly said, “Choose your own Covid adventure”. Unpredictably, her prophecy became a reality, and the price of the adventure cost her youthful life. And it was not the mutated coronavirus that took her away, but the so-called “vaccine” she hoped to prevent viral infection.

Source: Facebook

The smiley faces on Katie’s Facebook showed us her internal beauty. Even during the lockdown period, she wanted to bring joy to the people with her comedy performances. She could have had a solo performance as scheduled. However, it was forced to be cancelled due to repeated lockdowns, leave it with eternal regrets. At the end of the story, Katie’s family requested the donations be made to Flight Path Theatre in Katie’s name, the theatre where she usually performed.

This is the story of Katie Lees. For many readers, perhaps this is just a simple story of a few hundred words. People who have been vaccinated may think Katie is just out of luck, but the fact, there are countless deaths and disability incidents caused by vaccines. Sadly, Katie’s tragedy is happening all the time in our life right now. There are numerous people on the way to get vaccinated every day. Among these people, perhaps there are yours or our dearest family members. The mainstream media’s censorship and suppression of the vaccine harm will bring unimaginable secondary disasters to humanity. The biggest historical trial is waiting for those who promote the vaccine!

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Translated from: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1545760/

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