9/23/2021 Financial News In China: Stock Trading Volume Above 1 Trillion Yuan For 44 Consecutive Trading Days; 10 Listed Banks Respond To Exposure To Evergrande


1.Trading Volume Above 1 Trillion Yuan For 44 Consecutive Trading Days

The A-share trading volume have been above 1 trillion yuan for 44 consecutive trading days, the longest record in A-share history. On September 22, the first trading day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indices opened lower but the trading volume higher with a full-day turnover of 1152.63 billion yuan, which is the 44th consecutive trading day since July 21 this year that the turnover of A-shares is above a trillion yuan.

2.Production Suspended For Energy Consumption Control

A number of industrial parks in Jiangsu are under great pressure to reduce carbon and a large number of local enterprises have been shutting down production. In the past few days, a number of A-share listed companies have also issued production suspension announcements one after another, for reasons such as the impact of double control of energy consumption and tight power supply.

Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group announced the contract signed with Seaspan Corp, the world’s largest independent container ship, had been effective on September 2. However, Yangtze River Shipping Group related sources said on September 22, the current energy consumption double control policy has an impact on production capacity; in order to save energy and reduce consumption, some production lines will have to be suspended.

3.Yuan Renguo Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For The Crime Of Accepting Bribes

On the morning of September 23, the Intermediate People’s Court of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, publicly announced the verdict of Yuan Rengguo’s bribery case, sentencing the defendant Yuan Rengguo to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property for the crime of accepting bribes; Yuan Rengguo’s bribery proceeds and their yields were recovered in accordance with the law and surrendered to the state treasury. The defendant Yuan Renguo has used the convenience of his position as chairman of Guizhou Maotai to provide assistance to others in matters such as obtaining the distribution rights of Maotai wine, sub-distribution and increasing the supply of Maotai wine, and illegally received property from others totaling more than 112.9 million yuan in equivalent.

4.10 Listed Banks Respond To Exposure To Evergrande

Zheng Wanchun said that Evergrande Group’s loans to Minsheng Bank are all residential project financing. While mortgaged with project land and construction in progress, the project company’s equity pledge is added, and the group provides joint liability guarantee. At present, the overall value of the collateral for project financing is sufficient and effective. The cooperative real estate development projects of Minsheng Bank and Evergrande Group are all in the more developed economically the Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta and the capital cities of the central region.

5.State-Owned Background Director Sent To Tianfeng Securities

On September 22, Tianfeng Securities issued an announcement to add Guangdong state-owned background director Li Xueling, the motion is still to be considered by the shareholders’ meeting. In April this year, according to the Tianfeng Securities private placement information, Guangdong State Capital’s Guangdong Hengjian International Investment Company Limited (“Guangdong Hengjian International”) to invest 800 million yuan to get 2.26% of Tianfeng Securities equity, ranking the ninth largest shareholder, and Li Xueling is the general manager of Guangdong Hengjian International.

6.200 Billion Special Bonds Issued To “Liquidate” 300 Small And Medium-Sized Banks

China Bond Information Network information shows that Yunnan and Anhui provinces have disclosed the issuance of special bonds to support the development of small and medium-sized banks. Among them, Yunnan will issue 4.4 billion yuan of special bonds to be used to supplement the capital of the province’s nine small and medium-sized bank development, including seven agricultural credit cooperatives and two agricultural commercial banks; Anhui will issue 3 billion yuan of special bonds to inject capital into the province’s four agricultural commercial banks. So far, 20 provinces have disclosed plans to issue special bonds for small and medium-sized banks, with a total issuance amount of 206.4 billion yuan, exceeding the 200 billion yuan of special bonds arranged by the Ministry of Finance last year.

7.Beijing Will Build 2 To 3 World-class Business Districts Of 100 Billion Scale

Beijing has formulated and issued an implementation plan for fostering the construction of an international consumption center city, striving to comprehensively enhance Beijing’s international popularity, consumption prosperity, commercial activity, convenience of arrival, consumption comfort and policy leadership through about five years, and create two to three world-class business districts of 100 billion yuan scale.

8.Li Ziqi Has Disappeared On The Internet for More Than Two Months

Li Ziqi, who has more than 100 million fans, has disappeared from the Internet for more than two months, yet topics related to her are frequently on the hot search: Li Ziqi’s brand being used fraudulently, her team being poached by Li Yapeng, Li Ziqi calling the police ……The disagreement between Li ZiQi and the capital behind her became the focus of industry attention.

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