Massachusetts State Police Union Sues Governor Charlie Baker Over Vaccination Mandate

About 20% of Massachusetts State Troopers are not vaccinated. (iStock)

According to a report from Fox News on September 22nd, 2021, as Massachusetts State’s Governor Charlie Baker announced last month that state employees and contractors in the executive branch are required to be vaccinated, be granted a legal exemption, or face disciplinary actions, including dismissal, the union of the State Police troopers filed a lawsuit with the court last week, demanding that Baker’s state employee Covid-19 vaccine mandate be postponed.

This Wednesday, the union representatives went to the court, and an attorney for the State Police Association told the judge that the governor’s Oct. 17th deadline is arbitrary and made bargaining impossible. So far, about 20% of state troopers have not yet been vaccinated. In addition, the union is fighting for additional benefits for its members, in case troopers get sick from COVID-19 or the vaccine.

In short, there are increasing conflicts and differences between the government and its employees or between the government and the public on the divisive issue of vaccination mandates.

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Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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