My Body my Choice – Vancouver protest Sept 18 2021

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On September 18th, there were over 200 cities protesting against the vaccine passport all over the world.  Estie and I, from Vancouver Sailing Club, did a 4 hour livestream on G-TV to show the Vancouver protest to the world.

During the livestream our fellow fighter Dr. Hua interviewed some protesters. One of them, a Caucasian guy, said he was surprised to find our group – New Federal State of China and that we are doing a good telling the world the truth about the Vaccine, virus, and evil CCP. He knows what’s happened in China during the pandemic and understands how Chinese people are suffering. He dislikes that the Western government bowed to the CCP and take CCP money. He also said he is not racist, the media kept telling people if you question the virus, you are racist. He has never beat up any Chinese people in Vancouver. Dr. Hua said this is the CCP’s strategy to separate people, then the government will be able to push their agenda. It is so great to see some westerners know what’s going on and do not blame Chinese people.

There are many flags of  New Federal State of China in front of the art gallery in Vancouver that day at the protest location. Many people were curious what those blue flag were. What is New Federal State of China? Our fellow fighters handed out vaccine and virus information and antidote information. Over 500 flyers were given out. I am so glad I am a witness to this protest and happy to be able to do that in Canada. Also, I felt there was some result after more than four years of hard work. At least some people know us and some are getting to know us. Some even know Mr. Miles Guo and his song “Take Down The CCP”.

However, most protesters seemed only to protect their freedom and do not really know the adverse side effect of the vaccine. Hopefully ,people will know more after reading the pamphlets we distributed. “My body my choice”  is the main theme of the protest. There were so many people participating in the Vancouver protest, much bigger than that in Kelowna. Thanks to technology, I can watch the whole event through the camera and listen to the speeches from different speakers. One of the nurses spoke on the stage wearing a mask and sunglasses due to fear of losing her job. She told everyone that most people  in the hospital are those who were vaccinated. She also mentioned two  vaccine victims.  A man, twenty years old, lost his vision after the vaccine. An eight years old boy, had heart problems after vaccination. She is so brave to stand up and to tell the truth. Some front-line medical workers went up to support her.

The entire front square of the art gallery was full of people. People are fighting against mandatory Covid -19 vaccines and fighting against the lies, fake news of mainstream media.  We are still living in a free country. No one can force us to get vaccinated if we do not agree! I am so proud to be a Canadian!


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