Beijing’s Special Envoy Visiting Afghanistan upon the Invitation of the Taliban

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Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, confirmed on September 22 that special envoys from the Communist Party of China, Russia, and Pakistan were invited to visit Kabul, Duowei news reported.

Yue Xiaoyong, special envoy of the Chinese Foreign Ministry for Afghanistan, Kabulov Zamir, special representative of the Russian President for Afghanistan, and Sadiq, special representative of the Pakistani Prime Minister for Afghanistan, visited Kabul from September 21 -22 to meet with acting Prime Minister Hasan, acting Foreign Minister Muttaqi, and other senior officials.

The talks included recent developments in Afghanistan, most ironically the so-called ” inclusiveness, human rights, economic, and humanitarian matters, and friendly relationships between Afghanistan and foreign countries, especially neighboring countries, etc.”

In the press conference, Mujahid, the spokesman of Afghan Taliban, expressed his appreciation for China’s long-standing support to Afghanistan and the recent statements, saying he was optimistic about the future relationship between China and Afghanistan.

Zhao Lijian claimed that Afghanistan has reached what he called “an open and inclusive political settlement, a moderate and stable internal and external policy, a complete cut with all forms of terrorist organizations, and friendly relations with neighboring countries.”

The Chinese Communist government has blatantly sung the praises of terrorist organizations, exposing the nature of those who are in cahoots with each other.

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