G Times: But the soul cannot be cloned

Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu

1. Knowledge can be downloaded, wealth can be passed on, but the soul cannot be cloned.

2. Documented historical records of mankind can only be traced back 6,000 years. This is but a grain of sand in the Ganges when compared with the 4.6 billion years of the earth’s existence. How then can we claim to be the masters on earth?

3. Why is history always strikingly similar? Because human nature is similar after all

4. People worship dignitaries, only for their wealth, status, and fame.

     For the devil with status, even lies told will become the truth well sought after.

For commoners without status, even truth told will turn to smoke to be ignored.

This is how morality of mankind will degenerate.

5. Only virtues such as wisdom, courage, and justice are truly worthy of our respect.

6. Flattery and hypocrisy may be more practical than virtue and talent, but a clown will always be a clown. Everybody knows that.

7.  We learn culture and knowledge in order to strengthen wisdom; a culture that does not strengthen wisdom is called brainwashing, and it is better not to learn.

Being knowledgeable does not mean being literate. Even knowledgeable people will succumb to the pressure of authoritarianism, because they have no wisdom and courage.

8. Genghis Khan once laid down the largest territory in the history of mankind, and the ancient Roman Empire once set the most splendid glory in the history of mankind. Why did they fall in the end?

The mighty Caesar, the wise Marco Aurelius, the benevolent Saladin… why couldn’t they affirm their empires’ prosperity?

-losing track of the mission is the fundamental reason for the decline of all great emperors and empires. The greatness of a person can turn the tide and turn the tide in a short period of time, but no matter how great a person, his life is limited. He will die and decay, without exception.

If there is no unified value, the “crazy tide” will lose its direction, and the “good times” will turn bad again.

People who don’t know their mission will easily lose their way in the material world, driven by their own greed and desire, divided by narrow countries, nations, religions, etc., and be drawn toward a place where they will fight forever.

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