The Japanese Government Is Deeply Concerned About China’s Aggressions

In a story by Express UK on September 21st, 2021, it states that as tensions in Taiwan and the South China Sea have increased considerably, the Japanese Defense Minister urged European countries to act together to counter Communist China.

The defence minister told the Guardian that China is “trying to use its power to unilaterally change the status quo in the East and South China Seas” and also warned that China was becoming more and more powerful politically, militarily and economically, which caused the Japanese government to have “strong concerns” over Chinese aggressions.

Actually, the Communist regime ruled by Xi Jinping has become the biggest threat to the safety and security of Japan, Taiwan, the Asia-Pacific region as well as the global community, as China is strengthening its military power both in terms of quantity and quality, and rapidly improving its operational capability.

Only when Western democracies and the forces of justice are united to destroy the CCP’s ambition to occupy Taiwan and the South China Sea can peace and stability in the region and the world be maintained.

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