Thousands of New Yorkers gathered in Times Square to protest against the vaccine pass mandate

Translator: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

The organizer of the New York Freedom Rally, Eric Grassi, told Gateway Pundit on September 17th that he expected thousands of people to participate in the parade at Times Square on Saturday afternoon to protest against the vaccine pass mandate.

Grassi stated that the COVID-19 is biological and psychological warfare against human beings. Moreover, the vaccine passport program severely violated fundamental human rights. It is a worldwide coup conspired by evil politicians, which led to thousands of New York businesses closure and hundreds of thousands of job losses. New Yorkers are suffering in a dilemma. Vaccine side effects and secondary disasters are a significant threat to people all over the world. Firefighters, teachers, soldiers, and medical staff are not willing to be forced to get vaccinated, not to mention the unforgivable crime – vaccinating children.

The parade will start from Columbus Square in Manhattan at 1 pm and march to Times Square around 1:30 pm. Biden is planning to deliver his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly next Tuesday. This large-scale protest will be a “welcome ceremony” to Biden. It will express the determinations of New Yorkers that they won’t succumb to government injunctions, and they will unite to prevent tyranny.

Editor: James Zoebel
Posted by: RonaldS


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