GT Online: Justin Trudeau Re-Elected PM, Canadians have Chosen a Disaster

Written by: Ermat

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According to NBC News on September 21, Justin Trudeau was re-elected Prime Minister of Canada and formed a minority party. Was his election a choice for Canadians? If so, Canadians are choosing disaster.

  • After the Liberal Trudeau administration in October 2015, Canada’s crime rate rose rapidly.
  • Trudeau pushed vaccine passports like crazy. He said that “unless people have a medical exception, they will not be able to board a plane or a train in Canada if they are not vaccinated.”
  • He used high welfare to buy the hearts and minds of the people. Since Trudeau came to power, Canada’s federal debt has risen by 50%. The federal deficit is approaching $400 billion. This is getting closer and closer to bankruptcy!

I can see the future of Canada: massive unemployment, factory closures, government bankruptcy, death and disability of a large number of people due to the Chinese Communist virus and vaccinations. I don’t dare to think about it anymore.


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